Maintenance Minute: Controlling Moisture in Your Room

Red water drop line iconThroughout the year, especially within enclosed spaces and during periods of significant humidity changes, moisture levels can increase in residence hall rooms. When excess moisture is present, this can lead to surface mold, particularly around windows and air conditioning units where there is condensation. It should be noted that some amount of mold may always be present in most indoor or outdoor spaces. Dust and dirt can also look like mold sometimes. If you see any concerning discoloration, we encourage you to submit a maintenance request so that our staff can inspect it. We are committed to addressing anyone’s concerns.

Proper continued cleaning and moisture control are the best ways to reduce any chance of mold spores growing. If your room has a window air conditioning unit, you should periodically check and clean the washable filter with soapy water, and please let Housing staff know you see any concerning discoloration.

Here are some useful tips to help control moisture in your room:

  • Open windows slightly for short periods of time to allow outside air to circulate.
  • Take wet clothing or towels to a laundry room to be washed/dried ASAP to reduce moisture.
  • Avoid fish tanks, plants, humidifiers, and diffusers, which all can contribute to higher humidity/moisture levels in your room.
  • When in your room during the heating season, open curtains and blinds during the day to allow the sun to warm the room naturally and prevent air from being trapped against the window. Close them at night to decrease drafts. During the cooling season, do the reverse.
  • Run a fan to help circulate air.
  • Keep room door open when possible.
  • Additional tips from EH&S can be found in this document on air quality for dorm rooms.

Reporting a Specific Concern

If you are experiencing any concerns related to your residence hall space, here are some ways you can get them addressed:

  • Non-Emergency items that can be followed up within 24-48 hours: submit a maintenance request (requests should only be submitted by the resident, not by a family member on their behalf)
  • Questions about what is going on in your community or how to access resources: connect with a House Fellow or Residence Life Coordinator in your building
  • Urgent items that require immediate (non-medical) assistance: contact your Front Desk or House Fellow On Duty for direction and support in responding to the concern
    Questions about any Housing topic can also be sent through our Contact Form.