Electric Eats food truck

Electric Eats


Electric Eats is now booking for Spring & Summer 2024 events! Due to travel limitations, the food truck is only able to attend on-campus events. Contact us to inquire about your event or reach out to sustainability@housing.wisc.edu with any questions about the truck.

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Electric Eats & Sustainability

The food truck has three main sustainability goals:


Carbon-Friendly Operations

Offering a sustainable form of mobile food service in a 100% electric vehicle

Low-Waste Packaging

Reducing single-use plastic waste associated with on-the-go dining by offering low-waste biodegradable packaging options

Responsible Purchasing

Sourcing ingredients and products responsibly and considering seasonality in menu planning. The food truck features local and regional foods from around Wisconsin, including produce from our very own UW Student Organic Farm. Vegan and vegetarian menu options are available daily.

The 100% electric food truck is operationally advised by the Electric Eats Task Force, a group of students and staff who meet regularly to uphold the mission of the truck, assess the targeted sustainability goals, and represent the interests of the truck’s internal and external stakeholders. The food truck measures success by calculated carbon savings, local purchasing impact, food waste, and student engagement in food sustainability.

On Energy

The Electric Eats Food Truck comes from the Gallery Carts line of electric vehicles. These vehicles are powered by batteries as opposed to traditional gasoline fuel.

The batteries can be charged in any standard 20-amp power outlet and supply enough energy for the cart to run for 50 miles and up to 10 hours of service before needing to be recharged. Because of this, the Electric Eats Food Truck costs about 50% less than a traditional food truck to power!

Electric vehicles also emit much less carbon and are a lot quieter than gasoline powered vehicles. In fact, electric vehicles have carbon emissions that are about 16.6% of what a gas-powered vehicle releases into the atmosphere each year.

Electric Eats food truck


Support for the Electric Eats food truck was initiated by Madison Gas & Electric Foundation and the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability Green Fund. Both remain integral partners in the continued success of the food truck on the UW-Madison campus and in the community!

Madison Gas & Electric Foundation is committed to serving the Madison community by supporting community-based organizations and projects. MGE is a long supporter of electric vehicles and offers tons of resources on their LoveEV website to learn more including available models, driving distance, tax incentives, charging opportunities, and more.

The Office of Sustainability Green Fund focuses on funding student projects that address the environmental footprint, social impact, and operating costs of campus facilities. The Green Fund has supported many Housing & Dining sustainability projects such as the Gordon solar panels, water bottle refilling stations, the Tower Gardens, a food waste tracking pilot program, and the Electric Eats Food Truck! Visit the Green Fund web page or more information about the and to submit a funding application.