New Employee Resources

Welcome to University Housing!

You are joining a team of 500 exceptional career staff working together to ensure the success of our residents, guests, customers, and employees in their experience at UW and beyond.

Whether we’re launching new academic support services, testing out a new recipe, renovating resident rooms, organizing welcome events, inviting a new summer youth camp, cleaning our facilities, or training our staff on new work skills, it’s all done to serve our residents, develop and support our staff, and to further the mission of UW-Madison.

We’re excited that you’re here — welcome!

Residence Life Staff

Welcome to the Division of University Housing at the University of Wisconsin - Madison!

Before Your Start Date

Complete Your I-9 Paperwork

You will receive an email from HR about employment paperwork to complete before your first day.

Please follow the instructions to complete Section 1 of your I-9 form online. Make sure to bring acceptable documents on your first day!

Computers on tables in the Dejope Residence Hall Media Center

Activate Your NetID

Your NetID is your UW-Madison electronic access account. Please review your employment paperwork email from HR for your NetID activation code or modification instructions.

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Plan Your Commute

Visit the UW-Madison Transportation Services New Employee page for more information on options for your commute to campus. UW offers options for full-time and occasional parking, discounted bus passes, park and rides, and more.

Your First Day and Beyond

Welcome to your first day!

A few reminders as you’re starting out:

  1. Make sure you have your supervisor’s contact information and you know where you will meet them when you arrive on campus your first day.
  2. Bring your acceptable I-9 documents with you on your first day. You and your supervisor will visit HR to complete paperwork on your first day.
  3. Watch the MyUW introduction (video) and set up your MyUW homepage.
  4. Make sure to set up your W-4 and direct deposit information right away through MyUW. This helps your paycheck process on time and is sent to your correct bank account. Take a look at this video for additional support setting up your W-4 and direct deposit.

W-4 Form Quick Guides

Important information during your first week!

During your first three (3) days your supervisor will set aside time for you to to review the important information below about UW’s insurance plans, paid leave time, and other benefits as part of your new career staff position.

If you have questions about this information, please contact your supervisor or reach out the University Housing HR team at or 608-262-2766.

  1. UW-Madison Pay Schedule:

  2. Family and Medical Leave Act Introduction:

  3. Paid Leave Time:

    • Watch the leave time video that matches the employment type of your new position. Check with your supervisor if you aren’t sure!
    • Academic Staff Leave Time (Salaried/Exempt): (video)
    • University Staff Leave Time (Hourly/Non-Exempt): (video)
    • We recommend that you use your leave time that expires first. Then, use leave time that can carry over into following years last. From first to last, this order is:
      • Total Job Concept (TJC) (If this applies to your position)
      • Earned Legal Holiday
      • Vacation Carryover
      • Personal Holiday
      • Current Year Vacation
      • Compensatory Time (If this applies to your position)
      • Banked Leave/ALRA (If this applies to your position)
  4. Benefits Enrollment Guide:

Additional UW-Madison Resources

Benefits Quick Guides


Important decisions and trainings during your first month!

During your first month you will need to attend important required trainings for all UW-Madison staff, and you will need to make decisions about whether to enroll in various insurance plans and other benefits that UW offers as part of your new career staff position.

If you have questions about this information, please contact your supervisor or reach out the University Housing HR team at or 608-262-2766.

Reminder: You only have 30 days from your start date to enroll in benefits. Late enrollments cannot be accepted.

  1. Attend Benefits 101:

    • Benefits 101 Session website
    • University Housing HR enrolls new staff in Benefits 101 as part of the hire process. Your supervisor will include Benefits 101 on your onboarding schedule.
    • During Benefits 101 you will learn more about:
      • How to enroll in new employee insurance benefits
      • What is the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)?
      • State Group Health plan options (what insurance will cost you, how it will work)
      • Income Continuation Insurance (ICI), a type of disability insurance
      • Brief overviews of supplemental plans (dental, vision, life, and accident insurance, flexible spending accounts, and the 403b and 457b retirement plans)
  2. Optional Appointment with University Housing Payroll & Benefits

    • Once you have attended Benefits 101, you may enroll in benefits directly through the eBenefits enrollment portal.
    • If you have questions you’d like to discuss with a Benefits Specialist before you enroll, don’t submit your choices through eBenefits yet. Ask your supervisor to first schedule a benefits appointment for you with the University Housing Payroll & Benefits team.
  3. Enroll in Benefits Using Self Service Enrollment (eBenefits)

    • eBenefits Enrollment website
    • If you need assistance with enrollment, please contact your supervisor or University Housing HR at or 608-262-2766.
    • Reminder: You must complete benefits enrollments within 30 days of your start date.
  4. Attend New Employee Welcome

    • You will be scheduled for University Housing’s New Employee Welcome typically during your first 30 days.
    • At this session new staff will gather with Jeff Novak, University Housing’s Director, to discuss the “big picture” of the Division and learn about the history of University Housing and UW-Madison.
    • Your supervisor will register you for the next available New Employee Welcome session and will let you know when and where to go!
  5. Complete Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  6. Complete Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Training

    • Work with your supervisor to schedule time to complete Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Training within 30 days of your start date.
    • This online training is a required online training module for all UW-Madison faculty and staff on how to recognize, prevent, and respond to sexual assault and sexual violence in the workplace.
    • Information about reporting options and campus and community resources to support individuals who have experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence are also provided.
    • Register for Training
  7. (If applicable) Complete a Remote Work Agreement


University Housing HR, Payroll, and Benefits Contacts

If you have any questions about your position with University Housing or need additional resources resources, please contact the University Housing HR or Payroll & Benefits teams in Slichter Hall or by contacting:

Human Resources

Payroll & Benefits

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