A student and his parents with Bucky Badger at move-in

Info for Parents

Here's what we can provide for your student

Largest Student Employer on Campus

We employ over 1,700 students annually. Our staff is in-tune with the concerns of students and we aim for every work experience to be full of personal & professional growth. Additionally, your student is eligible for FICA tax exemption.

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Academic Success

Research shows that students tend to get better grades when they hold a part-time job. Working helps to improve time management and prioritization skills.

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Hours & Scheduling

Many students work an average of seven to ten hours per week. Students are discouraged from working more than 20 hours per week. During orientation, students work with supervisors to determine a work schedule that works well with class schedules.

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Jobs are available where students live--some even in their hall. When possible, our late night shifts are designed to end in teams. This facilitates groups leaving at the same time. Campus also offers a free service called Safe Walk to help students.

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