CRC residents pose at their devocation

Chadbourne Residential College (CRC)

CRC made this campus feel a little smaller and allowed me to meet other first-year students as excited about community engagement as I am.

Natalie K., CRC Resident


CRC members enjoy a Thanksgiving event

ILS 138: CRC First-Year Seminar | 1 Credit

CRC residents have the opportunity to take part in the one-credit ILS 138: CRC First-Year Seminar. This seminar is a small, discussion-based class where 8-12 students and one instructor, assisted by one former CRC resident have the opportunity to engage in discussion and critical analysis about life and learning at UW-Madison. The class can help you ease your transition into college, as it allows you to get more instructor-student interaction and more dialogue and friendship with other students than in a typical large, lecture-based class. The seminar is taught in Chadbourne Residence Hall, which helps support the integration of your social and academic life on campus.

CRC residents will also have the opportunity to engage with faculty and staff in special topics seminars. These can range from the intersection of art and activism to courses focused on residents getting out into the greater Madison community and doing volunteer work. These topics change on a regular basis but are all designed to get our residents connected to faculty, staff, and each other.

Programs and Activities

The CRC Common Read is one of the first opportunities each fall for our entire community to have a shared intellectual experience. The programs and events associated with our book serve as catalysts for us to experience interdisciplinary scholarship and community engagement as an integral part of CRC and the UW.

CRC also has a variety of Signature Programs that are offered year-round. Some of these include academic advising, the CRC Olympics, discussion and community forums, interest groups, common reads, and Late Night Breakfast once per semester during finals week.

CRC Professional Staff

Jeffrey Beneker

Position title: Faculty Director of CRC
Professor of Classics

Jessica DeKuiper

Position title: Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS) Advisor

Kelly Giese

Position title: Assistant Director of Residence Life

Brian Pilsner

Position title: Residence Life Coordinator