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Residents of The Studio admiring their peers' art at their Showcase

The Studio

Coming to a community that understands my struggles as an artist and a student makes me feel more at home than I could ever have expected.

Joanna Gordon, Resident of The Studio

Programs and Activities

Residents of The Studio have a plethora of art-related events to attend throughout the year. The community hosts dance workshops, artist talks, poetry readings and performances, as well as showcase events where residents can perform for their floor mates. These are just a few of the events that give residents the opportunity to utilize their creative outlet. The Studio also hosts monthly community dinners for residents, which feature respected artists with close ties to The Studio community. These community dinners are a great way for residents to get to know one another as well as artists, faculty and staff. In the past, residents have also helped with the organization of a fashion show, Valentine’s Day event, and many other arts and crafts projects in “the Hive” (The Studio’s shared community space with WISE and the ERLC). Examples of activities include:

  • Art showcases
  • Dance workshops
  • Current events discussion
  • Poetry readings
  • Karaoke nights
  • Fashion shows
  • Art workshops
  • Outings to concerts, events, and plays
  • Guest artist visits
  • Community dinners


The Studio Events Calendar

Seminar Info

The Studio Seminar is a 1-credit survey course designed to expose Studio residents to the wide variety of arts disciplines on the UW-Madison campus. Each week, a representative from one of UW-Madison’s Arts & Design departments and units will participate in the seminar via sharing a presentation or workshop with students. The course will expose students to a variety of UW-Madison Arts faculty and professional staff, acquainting them with the offerings and cultures of the respective arts and design departments. The course also serves as a catalyst for students to experience the Arts Community in the greater-Madison area.

The Studio Professional Staff

Faisal Abdu'Allah

Professor of Art, Faculty Director of The Studio

Linda Abegglen

Director of Administrative Services & Leasing

Kurt Amann

Faculty Fellow - Zoology

Whitney Anderson

Program Coordinator

Grant Armstrong

Faculty Director of Residencia De Estudiantes

Sue Babcock

Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Faculty Director of WISE

Chris Barnes

Resident Manager, University Houses

Kelly Beall

Residence Life Coordinator

Jodi Bodnar

Point of Sale Manager

Svetlin Borisov

Assistant Director of Apartment Facilities: Maintenance

Sara Bowlin

Area Coordinator

Susan Brantly

Professor of Political Science, Faculty Director of BLC

Barb Brickson

Unit Manager - Carson's Market

Stephanie Briggs

Area Coordinator

Ivan Cabrera

Resident Manager, Eagle Heights 700s & 800s

Alicja Ciesielska

Resident Manager, Eagle Heights 500s & 600s

Danny Corral

Resident Manager, Harvey Street

Tom Dubois

Faculty Fellow - Scandinavian Studies

Kris Eckles

Unit Chef - Gordon Avenue Market

Nevine El-Nossery

Faculty Fellow - French & Italian, African Cultural Studies

Angela Erickson

Assistant Director - Purchasing

Jolene Esterline

Director of Resident Support Services

Karen Evans-Romaine

Faculty Director for Russkii Dom

Terry Evans

Community Police Officer

Mark Gauthier

Unit Manager - Four Lakes Market

Kelly Giese

Area Coordinator

Eddy Gonzalez

Residence Life Coordinator

Carl Grant

Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty Director of MLC

Barb Haggerty

Residence Life Coordinator

Evelyn Hammond

Resident Manager, Eagle Heights 900s

Aminah Haneef

Front Desk Community Center

Ron Harris

Faculty Fellow - English

Robert Hart

Financial Specialist

Greg Heintz

Unit Manager - Gordon Avenue Market

Jeff Henriques

Faculty Fellow - Psychology

Anthony Hernandez

Resident Manager, Eagle Heights 500s & 600s

Maggie Higgins

Assistant Director of Resident Support Services

Kevin Hoblit

Unit Chef - Liz's Market

Zachery Holder

Residence Life Coordinator

Paul Hooker

Faculty Fellow - Chemistry

Diamond Howell

Resident Manager, Eagle Heights 100s & 200s

Evelyn Howell

Faculty Fellow - Landscape Architecture

Rania Huntington

Faculty Director of Zhongwen Tandi; Faculty Fellow - Asian Languages and Culture

Kelly Ignatoski

Director of University Apartments

Sari Judge

Program Coordinator

Dr. William Karasov

Professor of Forest & Wildlife Ecology, Faculty Director of BioHouse

Jeff Keating

Associate Director of Apartment Facilities

Elizabeth Kelly

Faculty Fellow - Economics

Marina Kelly

Program Coordinator

Kevin Kontny

Unit Chef - Four Lakes Market

MaryRuth Kotelnicki

Program Coordinator

Tom Krueger

Assistant Director of Conference Services

Julie Larson

Faculty Director of Stockwerk Deutsch

Doua Lee

Program Coordinator

Geb Lefeber

Director of Apartment Facilities

Kayla Lentz

Residence Life Coordinator

Peggy Lockhart

Leasing Coordinator

Drew Lokuta

Faculty Fellow - Neuroscience

Tony Manowske

Unit Chef - Rheta's Market

Jon Martin

Faculty Fellow - Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Kristyn Masters

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty Director of WISE

Magpie Mauthe

Program Coordinator

Liz McCarthy

Faculty Fellow - Chemistry

Sean McCulley

Assistant Building Supervisor of Apartment Facilities

Molly McGinty

Office Coordinator

Ruben Medina

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Faculty Director of ILC

Joe Mehring

Catering Manager

Scott Mellor

Faculty Director of Norden House; Faculty Fellow - Scandinavian Studies

Beth Miller

Area Coordinator

Alex Mok

Faculty Fellow - Cross-College Advising

Mary Murray

Administrative Support Specialist

Mustafa Mustafa

Faculty Director of Baytunaa

Gary Ness

Unit Chef - Carson's Market

Sue Olson

Unit Manager - Rheta's Market

Hossein Panahi

Resident Manager, Eagle Heights 300s & 400s

Patrick Pawelski

Assistant Director - Operations

Alandis Phillips

Residence Life Coordinator

Ryan Podolak

Residence Life Coordinator

Mike Poehnelt

Unit Manager - Liz's Market

Lynne Prost

Faculty Fellow - Biochemistry

Caitlin Quillen

Residence Life Coordinator

Faye Reber

Assistant Director of Conference Services

Steve Ridgely

Faculty Director of Nihongo Hausu

Damon Sajnani

Faculty Director of African Studies

Ellen Samuels

Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies, Faculty Director of Open House

Karu Sankaralingam

Faculty Fellow - Computer Sciences

Marc Scateni

Assistant Director of Apartment Facilities: Trades and Grounds

Jackie Scola-Bernstein

Area Coordinator: Cole, Dejope, Leopold, Phillips, Smith & Sullivan Halls

Sharon Seagren

Director of Conference Services

Paul Sprunger

Executive Chef

Jean Stajich

Enrollment Coordinator, Eagle's Wing Child Care and Education Programs

Shaylea Stensven

Program Coordinator

Laura Strimpel

Area Coordinator

John Surdyk

Faculty Associate of the School of Business

Jenna Swartz

Residence Life Coordinator

Suzanne Swift

Program Coordinator

Peter Testory

Director of Dining and Culinary Services

Joe Towles

Faculty Fellow - Biomedical Engineering

Alan Turnquist

Program Coordinator

Timothy Van Deelen

Professor of Agricultural & Life Sciences, Faculty Director of GreenHouse

Jesse Wahl

Program Coordinator

Phil Walter

Chef - Central Production/Bakery/Catering

Cleda Wang

Assistant Director of Residence Life for Inclusion

Phillip Werman

Assistant Director of Resident Support Services

Katrina Wheeler-Floyd

Residence Life Coordinator

Steven Wong

Professional Advisor

Christine Yim

Residence Life Coordinator

Kate Young

Residence Life Coordinator

Stephen Young

Faculty Fellow

Paula Zipperer

Director of Eagle's Wing Child Care and Education Programs

Rachel Zizmann

Residence Life Coordinator

John Zumbrunnen

Professor of Political Science, Faculty Director of CRC