Residents in The Studio Learning Community look on during a guitar performance

The Studio Creative Arts Learning Community

How to Join

  1. Sign your University Residence Halls contract and submit your advance payment in My UW Housing
  2. Select The Studio Learning Community as your top choice when you submit your hall preferences in My UW Housing
  3. Prioritize learning communities over residence halls when you submit your hall preferences in My UW Housing
  4. Receive your room assignment

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Residents of The Studio Learning Community dance during a seminar

The Studio Seminar
Integrated Arts 110 (fall) & 112 (spring) | 1 Credit

The Studio Seminar is a 1 credit course taught by our Faculty Director. In the fall, it is designed to expose Studio residents to the wide variety of arts disciplines on the UW-Madison campus. Each week, a representative from one of UW-Madison’s Arts & Design departments will participate in the seminar via sharing a presentation or workshop with students. The course will expose students to a variety of UW-Madison Arts faculty and professional staff, acquainting them with the offerings and cultures of respective departments. The course also serves as a catalyst for students to experience the arts community in the greater-Madison area. In the spring, the course is designed to facilitate artistic collaboration amongst students.

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Coming to a community that understands my struggles as an artist and a student makes me feel more at home than I could ever have expected.

Joanna G., Resident of The Studio


Community Goals

  • An arts and design-centered living-learning experience that encourages interdisciplinary exploration
  • Foster connections with a roster of talented artists and designers, including UW-Madison faculty in a variety of arts departments
  • Onsite rehearsal, study, drafting, and performance spaces
  • Programming that caters to residents’ specific interests

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Events & Activities

Residents of The Studio have a plethora of art-related events to attend throughout the year. The community hosts dance workshops, artist talks, poetry readings, and performances as well as showcase events where residents can perform for the community. The Studio also hosts community dinners for residents to get to know one another as well as invited artists, faculty and staff. In the past, residents have also helped with the organization of a fashion show, museum exhibitions, multi-media performances, and many other arts and crafts projects. Examples of activities include:

  • Art showcases
  • Dance workshops
  • Current events discussion
  • Poetry readings
  • Karaoke nights
  • Fashion shows
  • Art workshops
  • Outings to concerts, events, and plays
  • Guest artist visits
  • Community dinners

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The Studio Professional Staff

Cameron Anderson

Position title: Residence Life Coordinator

Ammo Eisu

Position title: Residence Life Program Manager

Helen Lee

Position title: Faculty Director
The Studio Learning Community
Assistant Professor of Art

Scott Seyforth

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Residence Life Assistant Director