SafeWalk escorting a student at night


Your safety is taken seriously in the University Residence Halls. We use a variety of systems and campus resources to protect our residents.

Security System

Your safety is protected by many measures that we have put in place, including some systems that require your attention (for example, locking your room door whenever you leave). All residence hall exterior doors are safeguarded by an electronic locking system that allows 24-hour monitoring of door locks to make sure doors are locked at the proper times. Security cameras with recording devices are located throughout the first floor and building entrance areas of all University Residence Halls, as well as some elevators and resident floors.

University Police

A great benefit to living on campus is the comfort of knowing you are in a place where University Police Liaisons make frequent visits, day and night, to the University Residence Halls, and they are a friendly and welcome presence.

Fire Safety

A smoke detector is located in each resident room, hallway, and common area. It is PROHIBITED to remove smoke detectors for any reason. If fire alarms go off, please proceed to the nearest exit in an orderly fashion.

UW–Madison SAFE Nighttime Services

SAFEwalk Escorts are two-person escort teams trained by University Police.


We strongly recommend that all residents sign up for UW-Madison’s WiscAlerts emergency notification system, which sends out text message alerts to your mobile phone in the event of an emergency.

Housing Alerts

University Housing uses an email and text message system very similar to WiscAlerts to notify residents of situations that represent a threat to safety or an unplanned change in service. All University Housing residents are automatically enrolled in this service during their time living in the residence halls. For more information, visit our Housing Alerts page.

Voice It

A community has strength when members stand up against bias and hurtful behavior. If you experience or witness behavior motivated by prejudice or insensitivity around race, ethnicity, national origin, immigrant status, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, gender expression, ability, political affiliation or any other physical or cultural characteristics, we urge you to contact our University Residence Halls staff or report the bias here. For more information on reporting bias, visit our Inclusive Communities page.

Protect Yourself and Your Belongings:

Steps you can take as residents play a critical role in creating and maintaining a safe community for everyone.

  • You should lock your room door whenever you and your roommate are not in the room, even when you are close by, and also whenever you are sleeping.
  • You should not leave your room door unlocked for convenience—virtually all thefts from residence hall rooms occur when residents leave their rooms unlocked.
  • A desk or dresser drawer with a locking hasp is provided in each room. You can secure small valuables (such as credit cards, money, jewelry, etc.) with a padlock that you provide.
  • We strongly recommend that you obtain insurance coverage for all of your personal items and that you have adequate insurance coverage for fire and water damage, theft, and vandalism.

Other Campus Safety Tips

The UW-Madison Police Department and the Division of Student Life share these common sense tips for campus safety:

  • If you are ever confronted by an individual with a weapon, give up your property immediately.
  • Always keep your doors and windows locked – even if you’re home.
  • Don’t hold the door open or allow people you don’t know into the building.
  • Please look out for your friends and encourage them to stay safe.
  • Sign up for WiscAlerts.
  • If you have specific safety questions or concerns, please email the UW-Madison Police Department at