Llewellyn Cole

Credentials: 1902 - 1948

In 1927—1928 Llewellyn R. Cole impact started when he spent the year as House Fellow in Gregory House at Tripp Hall. Here the young medical student—leader, counselor, and friend—forwarded the social and intellectual health of Gregory residents. Cole earned both his degrees from University of Wisconsin – Madison (B.A. 1926 and M.D. 1929). He joined with the University’s Student Health Department staff in 1931, providing leadership to that agency five years later. Through his exceptional attention to his patients and expert medical knowledge many of his colleagues, students, and their grateful parents respected him. Furthermore, Cole lend his expertise to March of Medicine, a program of health talks broadcast over the State Radio Network, and through a health column appearing in the Wisconsin Agriculturist and Farmer. No more lasting contribution was made by the professor of clinical medicine than the energetic program which he began for the Medical School in 1946 under a new title: Coordinator of Graduate Medical Education. His work in his role influenced many institutes and symposia offered by the School. Designed for the State’s established practitioners, they bolster medical knowledge with the new and the old. The life of Llewellyn Cole was one continual seeking for the public good. A family physician to all, Dr. Cole sought shining health for University of Wisconsin students and likewise, through education, for every citizen within the State.