Maurice McCaffrey

Credentials: 1874 - 1947

Maurice McCaffrey was known as a valued public servant,  who served for the span of forty years (1906-1946), known as the Secretary for the Board of Regents. McCaffrey served for forty-one years as the University Trust Officer, a finance expert managing public funds for the growth of this institution and for the good of education generally. McCaffrey was a Wisconsin-born Irishman who received his higher education at St. John’s College, Minnesota, including training in accounting and business administration. Seven years (1899-1906) spent as Secretary to the State Board of Control preceded his University association. McCaffrey was skilled manager of acquiring gifts, securing student aid, and managing funds. His inventive mind developed a corporate means whereby many of Wisconsin’s residence halls and other campus buildings have been financed; and the able administrator negotiated millions of dollars of property purchases in the expansion of this educational center. One especially cherished objective of Maurice McCaffrey was to see the University in possession of a great woods- and-field laboratory, and largely through his efforts, the lands for the famed Wisconsin Arboretum were acquire.