BioHouse members in a laboratory during their Energy Institute

BioHouse Learning Community

How to Join

  1. Sign your University Residence Halls contract and submit your advance payment in My UW Housing
  2. Select the BioHouse Learning Community as your top choice when you submit your hall preferences in My UW Housing
  3. Prioritize learning communities over residence halls when you submit your hall preferences in My UW Housing
  4. Receive your room assignment

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BioHouse allowed me to meet friends in the scientific community on campus, succeed in my classes, and receive invaluable guidance for starting research in the biosciences.

Christina M., BioHouse Resident


BioHouse Seminar student

New Biology for the 21st Century
Integrated Science 375 | 1 Credit

Every student in BioHouse has the opportunity to enroll in a one-credit seminar course in the fall called “New Biology for the 21st century”. The course introduces students to the myriad of majors in biological sciences on the UW-Madison campus, core concepts of modern biology, and the global challenges around human and biosphere health, food security, and natural resource availability. Explore majors, learn about beyond-the-classroom opportunities, and begin to understand how you can become part of the thriving scientific community at UW-Madison by interacting with undergraduate and graduate student mentors, postdocs and faculty.  BioHouse also offers a spring semester seminars for smaller groups of BioHouse students.

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Community Goals

  • Introduce each student to the myriad of biological sciences majors, academic resources, and extracurricular activities
  • Facilitate each student’s appreciation for the diversity of the biological sciences community with peers, faculty and staff
  • Enhance students’ appreciation for their potential opportunity to contribute to society

BioHouse is a network that will connect you to resources and opportunities. That can be helpful when you’re trying to adjust to the rigor of college classes. Explore the 30-some biology-related undergraduate majors, and find a mentor for undergraduate research.

BioHouse is incorporated into a strong network of undergraduate programming, designed to facilitate community among all bioscience students on campus. Residents have access to mentors who can provide academic, career and personal guidance and support. Mentors add to the community by assisting with the BioHouse seminar, creating fun extracurricular events exclusively for residents, and mentoring BioHouse residents in small group settings.

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Events & Activities

BioHouse students will meet premiere scientists in various sub-disciplines of biology and discuss cutting-edge science issues with invited guests over dinner. Examples of typical BioHouse activities include:

  • Orientation before fall classes begin
  • Camping trip to Kemp Natural Resource Station
  • Hiking at Devil’s Lake State Park
  • Ski trip to Tyrol Basin
  • Lab tours
  • Group dinners at Faculty Director’s home
  • Social gatherings
  • Guest speakers
  • Biology-related volunteer opportunities
  • Workshops
  • Structured study groups
  • Mentoring programs
  • Themed movie nights
  • Research and job opportunities

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BioHouse Professional Staff

Naeelah Chism

Position title: Residence Life Coordinator

MaryRuth Kotelnicki

Position title: Residence Life Program Manager

Jon Pauli

Position title: Faculty Director of BioHouse
Associate Professor of Forest & Wildlife Ecology