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Multicultural Learning Community

How to Join

  1. Sign your University Residence Halls contract and submit your advance payment in My UW Housing
  2. Select the Multicultural Learning Community as your top choice when you submit your hall preferences in My UW Housing
  3. Prioritize learning communities over residence halls when you submit your hall preferences in My UW Housing
  4. Receive your room assignment

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My favorite part about the MLC is the familial relationships we have developed so quickly. Here, everyone has the opportunity to join in conversation, activities, or simply getting a meal together. So far my experience has forced me to expand my perspective and realize that we are all very similar people.

Aris Liuzzi, MLC Resident


MLC residents volunteer in Eagle's Wing childcare center

Multiculturalism & Social Justice
Afro-American Studies 271 | 3 Credits

This three-credit course investigates multiculturalism, the intersectionality of systems of oppression, and social justice in individual, societal, institutional and structural spaces. Here students will learn about themselves, those around them, and their connection to the United States and world. The goals of the course are to facilitate students’ academic growth and critical examination of:

  • Their own and others’ beliefs and identities
  • The intersections of identities and systems of oppression
  • The dynamics of relations to power and privilege
  • Their own ability to identify, engage, or plan actions that challenge inequalities and injustice.

This course seeks to provide an engaging space for students to discuss issues of race/racism, white supremacy, classism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. among others living in their learning community and in a way that seeks to center all students’ experiences and knowledge. In recognition of students’ diverse academic interests and commitments, this course fulfills the ethnic studies requirement. Many MLC residents say that the seminar was one of the best learning experiences they have had and that it helped shape their future academic goals and understandings.

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Community Goals

  • Create a safer space for a diverse group of students to come together, create a community where students can support one another in their academic and personal growth
  • Foster increased understandings of one’s own and others’ beliefs, ideas, identities, behaviors, and understandings of social issues
  • Facilitate all residents’ success on and off campus
  • Examine the dynamics of current power structures and how life experiences are shaped by factors at the individual, societal, institutional and structure levels
  • Develop an understanding of social justice and the skills to become an engaged community member

All MLC residents have a voice to express programming ideas, discuss issues on campus or around the world, and examine personal and academic related topics. Importantly, residents learn how to navigate tough conversations and bring them into the larger community. Many previous MLC residents are significant student campus leaders on discussions on diversity and rights for all people. In the MLC, residents will be welcomed by culturally sensitive and passionate working faculty and staff dedicated to their growth and success. Through a diverse set of social and academic activities focused around multiculturalism, identity, and social justice, residents will take away a deep network of knowledge, family, and friends for a lifetime.

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Events & Activities

The MLC holds a number of events that add to its enriching floor setting. We kick off the semester with the MLC convocation where residents are invited to a celebration and presentation led by our faculty director, Dr. Carl Grant. This is followed by service projects, community conversations, and a retreat discussing the social justice themes of the year, setting the stage for our community. Throughout the semester, we have popular bi-weekly “bittersweet” controversial conversations where students discuss current events and topics of all areas that affect them, their community, the campus, and the world at large. The Social Justice Speaker Series is another popular event where accomplished local and regional speakers come in to talk about their experiences in fields of politics, education, community organizing, the arts, and social justice advocacy.

As a break from the rhythm of the semester, the MLC also hosts “Cultural Dinners,” a community meal where students have the opportunity to share a dish special to their family and/or culture and other fun events organized by MLC residents, such as service projects and social events. MLC residents are encouraged and supported in the planning of their own events and activities, which offers our residents a unique opportunity to grow as leaders and create a community based on their own goals and visions.

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My favorite part of the MLC is the overall atmosphere. I have yet to find another place on campus that's as warm, comforting, and welcoming as the MLC.

Naoshi J., MLC resident

MLC Professional Staff

Carl Grant

Position title: Faculty Director of MLC
Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Viki Lee

Position title: Residence Life Program Manager

Courtney Lowman

Position title: Residence Life Coordinator

Scott Seyforth

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Residence Life Assistant Director