Washers and dryers in the Ogg laundry room


Conveniently located laundry facilities provide high-efficiency washing machines operated by a debit account on your Wiscard (the official UW-Madison photo ID). Washers are $3/load in all residence halls during the academic year. Dryers in residence halls can be used free of charge.

Laundry Tips

  • Review signage posted in your laundry room for instructions on using the machines.
  • Read clothing tags for care of your items.
  • If you are using pod or sheet detergent, please put your detergent in the washing machine with your clothes instead of in the detergent dispenser tray to avoid clogging the machine.
  • Do NOT use the Purex 3-in one detergent as it clogs the water outlet strainer.
  • Use “HE” (high efficiency) liquid soap. Powdered soap is not recommended.
  • 1/4 cup of soap is sufficient for a load of clothes. Excessive soap causes over sudsing, and can cause machine to shut down before completion of cycle.
  • Avoid overloading the machine. If you have to forcefully push clothes into the machine, there is too much in the machine.
  • Please remove your laundry promptly after each wash and dry cycle so that others may use the machines.
  • Double check your pockets. Items like ink pens and electronics do not do well in laundry equipment. Small items may clog drain and/or pump.
  • Remember to check and empty the lint trap before using the dryer.
  • Do NOT dry shoes or oversized bedding in the dryers.

University Housing is NOT responsible for damaged, stolen, or lost items in our laundry facilities.

Lazybones Door-to-Door Laundry & Dry Cleaning

University Housing works with Lazybones to offer laundry pickup/delivery service for an additional fee. Laundry bins are placed at hall desks on specific days to be picked up, laundered, and delivered the following day. Dry cleaning is also available. Costs, pickup & delivery times, how the service works, and more details are all available on the Lazybones website.