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Bio House

Cole Hall
625 Elm Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1183


BioHouse, the newest Residential Learning Community, will be home for students interested in the biosciences. If you’re interested in the scientific study of living things—whether it’s plants, animals, health, microbiology, evolution, neurobiology, soil, food, genetics, bioenergy, or anything else biological—BioHouse can nurture your passion for science and connect you to other young scientists. Along with your BioHouse community, you can explore majors and careers, meet researchers on campus, find out about the latest discoveries and issues in biology, and learn what’s on the cutting edge. Located in Cole Hall, BioHouse is nestled in a picturesque area of mature oak trees along Lake Mendota. BioHouse is also located near the Agricultural and Life Sciences Library, BioCommons and many of the biological science major buildings.


Lake mendota at sunset

BioHouse is a network that will connect you to resources and opportunities. That can be helpful when you’re trying to adjust to the rigor of college classes. Decide among the 30-some biology-related undergraduate majors, and find a mentor for undergraduate research. You can be part of a community of faculty and staff who are there to help and other students who have similar academic challenges and goals. First-year students are encouraged to pair the BioHouse experience with MadBiology Bootcamp, a free three-day orientation to the biosciences at UW-Madison before the start of fall semester.


BioHouse is a great opportunity to become incorporated into the UW scientific community. So much of where you end up going is related to the people you meet and the things you learn from them. From day one, BioHouse students will be connecting with peers, faculty, and staff with similar goals and interests.

–Aaron Miller, BioHouse Program Coordinator


Program Goals:

1. Introduce each student to the myriad of biological sciences majors, academic resources, and extracurricular activities

2. Facilitate each student’s appreciation for the diversity of the biological sciences community with peers, faculty and staff

3. Introduce each student to the five core concepts of New Biology in the 21st Century

4. Enhance students' appreciation for their potential opportunity to contribute to society



Residents 67-133

All double rooms; coed mixed floor

Academic Co-Sponsors: Institute for Biology Education

Faculty Director: Tom Gower

Home: Cole Hall