Our Favorite Places to Study

Bradley lower level study room

‘Tis the season for exams, projects, and papers. Studying in your room certainly has its benefits, but if you find that you want a change of scenery while you’re prepping for the end of the semester, check out a new-to-you space! On a 938-acre campus, there’s probably somewhere you haven’t explored yet. We’d love to suggest Bascom Hill and Allen Centennial Gardens, but we’re sticking to warmer options. For some location inspiration, check out our top picks of places on and around campus.


We all thought of libraries first, and we love the library. A quiet place of resources galore, you can’t go wrong studying in a library. There are, of course, the large ones spread across campus, but there are some smaller, more hidden gems you can find.

Our picks

  • College Library
  • Memorial Library (try a cage if you like solitude)
  • Steenbock Library


One of the most iconic places on campus, Memorial Union is always a solid choice. Union South is an easy location and has a whole lot to offer, as well. Plus, at either location, the food options definitely are a perk.

Our picks

  • Union South, Prairie Fire and The Sett
  • Anywhere at Memorial Union

Campus buildings

There are some pretty awesome buildings in every corner of campus, you just have to find them!

Our picks

  • Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Grainger Hall (try the café!)
  • Birge Hall (take a break and check out the greenhouse for some warmer temperatures)
  • Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (indoor trees, anyone?)

In the residence halls

It’s December and it’s cold out, but you can still get out of your room to study without having to go outside. Here are some spaces to try in your residence hall.

Lakeshore spacesPhillips Lounge space

  • Adams: lower level lounge
  • Bradley: lower level lounge (or the study room for a quieter space)
  • Cole: lower level lounge
  • Dejope: Yahara Lounge (or a nook in the hallway if you can find an empty space)
  • Humphrey: first floor lounge
  • Jorns: lower level lounge
  • Kronshage: Chamberlin & Gilman Houses’ lower level lounges
  • Leopold: lower level lounge
  • Phillips: Bleier Lounge (what a view!)
  • Slichter: first floor lounge
  • Sullivan: lower level lounge
  • Tripp: lower level lounge
  • Waters: the parlor (a truly cozy space)

Southeast spaces

Interior of a two-story lounge in Witte Residence Hall

  • Barnard: lower level lounge (a room from a long-ago time)
  • Chadbourne: first floor lounge
  • Davis: lower level lounge
  • Lowell: main lobby
  • Merit: first floor lounge
  • Ogg: Phillips lounge
  • Sellery: the 2-story lounges (they’re pretty great)
  • Smith: Starbucks (coffee, anyone?)
  • Witte: the 2-story lounges (we love these for you)