Addressing & Processing Recent Social Media Post

Dear University Housing Residents and Staff,

As we all process the recent video circulating on social media, I recognize the profound impact that can be caused by incidents which target specific identities, whether it happens in-person, on or off campus, or on social media. I am deeply sorry to all who have experienced harm and for whom the university continues to not feel safe or welcoming. Our values in University Housing aim to establish inclusive, respectful and caring communities, where everyone feels safe, welcome and able to thrive. Racist slurs and statements are extremely hurtful and do not represent or reflect our values around creating an inclusive community.

To our Black students and staff (including but not limited to individuals who identify as bi/multiracial & multiethnic, international, transracial adoptees), your emotions are valid, your safety is important, and you are essential members of our community.

The Center for Cultural Enrichment in University Housing will be hosting a processing space, open to all residents and staff, Thursday, May 4 at 5PM in 125 Witte Hall.

We ask that you report incidents through the Campus Bias Report Form and seek assistance from these resources:

In addition to bias reporting, there are Campus resources to support students and staff, and we encourage you to make use of them:

Jeff Novak
Director, UW-Madison Division of University Housing