Eagle Heights Gardens & the Lakeshore Nature Preserve: Look, but Please Don’t Touch

The Eagle Heights Community Garden is one of the oldest and largest community gardens in the country. Both the Eagle Heights and University Houses Gardens are located inside the Lakeshore Nature Preserve and everyone is welcome to walk along the paths in the Gardens and Preserve. If you decide to visit, please do not take anything from anywhere in the Community Gardens or the Nature Preserve. All of the garden plots are individually assigned, and only the assigned gardeners can take plants or produce from their plots. The Preserve is maintained as a natural area, and no one besides Preserve staff is permitted to remove anything or dig in those areas.

If you’re not already a gardener but you’re interested in applying for a plot, please fill out an application to join the waiting list. No payment is necessary to be on the waiting list (fees are only needed if you are assigned a plot), and all are welcome to apply. Check out application details or email any questions to ehgardens@rso.wisc.edu.