Weather Warnings

August is sometimes referred to as the “dog days of summer”, and the temperatures can get quite hot. Please remember to stay hydrated and cool during these warmer periods. If you’re going to be outdoors, stay safe. Apply sunscreen and wear a hat and shades if possible. Find shady spots to rest and drink water responsibly.

Stay alert for weather related news, including storm warnings, heat advisories, and tornadoes. If you are not signed up for WiscAlerts, it is recommended that you do so in the event of severe weather. The University Apartments Community Center is a designated cooling station for heat alert advisories. Check the University Apartments Facebook page extended hours in the Community Center due to severe heat index.

In the event your power goes out, please contact Madison Gas and Electric directly: (608) 252-7111. MG&E will send crews out to assess any electrical damage and begin work to restore power.

Be prepared! Severe weather season is the time of year to make sure you:

  1. Have battery operated flashlights and lanterns (check the batteries).
  2. Charge your devices ahead of time. Protect your electrical devices using a power surge.
  3. Keep your refrigerator door closed. If your power goes out, this helps keep your refrigerated items cool. Take all the items out you think you will need at one time.
  4. Listen to weather alerts and reports. If needed, take shelter in designated areas of your building.
  5. Call 911 in the event of an emergency