Maintaining Heat in Your Apartment

Red heat waves line iconWe have seen an increase in calls about heat in the apartments and want to  give you some information about staying warm with the unusually cold weather we are experiencing. During the heating season, the following are helpful guidelines for maintaining heat in your apartment. University Apartments is required to follow the Wisconsin State energy conservation guidelines so our heating systems are set to heat to a range of about 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

To help maintain the heat in your apartment, here are a few tips:

  • Keep all windows closed and latched. Although some residents prefer to have a window open for fresh air, the apartments will not stay warm enough if a window is open. If staff notice an open window in an apartment where no one is home, they will enter that apartment to close the windows. Having windows open impacts the ability of the system to keep heat up in other apartments and can lead to frozen and burst pipes. If you are found to be negligent in a frozen pipe situation, you may be financially responsible for the repairs and clean up.
  • Keep bedroom and bathroom doors open as much as possible; this helps with overall circulation of heat in the apartments. Keep items away from convectors or radiators. Furniture and boxes should be at least 6 inches away; the more space the better.
  • If your apartment is too warm, and turning down the thermostat in Eagle Heights or Harvey Street or turning off some convectors in University Houses is not helping lower the temperature, please submit a maintenance request. This can happen when valves are stuck or thermostats are malfunctioning.
  • In Wisconsin, you can expect to need socks and long sleeves in your apartment during the winter months. Many long time Wisconsin residents find wearing layers helpful.
  • Please make sure you call in maintenance concerns that could be related to the cold weather as soon as possible. Issues like no heat, or no water are urgent and should be called in right away. On the weekends or evenings, call the Resident Manager on Call at 444-9308 and during the weekdays contact the Apartment Facilities Office at 262-2037.

If you have questions, please contact the Apartment Facilities Office during office hours or the Resident Manager on Call after office hours.