Maintenance Minute: Heating in Your Room

Red heat waves line iconIn recent weeks, most of our residence halls completed their seasonal switch over to heating as campus shuts down its chilled water for cooling and increases steam production for heat. Each residence hall has different types of heating systems. To learn how to control heating in your room and manage humidity levels, visit the Heating & Cooling section of your residence hall page.

Heating Considerations

If you want some fresh air in your room, briefly opening your window will help. However, it is important that you close the window tightly after a few minutes during the winter months. Cold air drafts from outdoors could freeze water heating coils and pipes in your room, causing them to burst due to the extra pressure caused by ice. If they burst, your room and residence hall would begin to flood.

If you have any heat concerns in your room, please submit a maintenance request and our Facilities staff will work to resolve the issue as soon as they can.

Submit a Maintenance Request