Dining’s Employee Showcase – Balkans Night

Employee Showcase - Assistant Manager Andrew

This dining event series showcases the talent and diversity of our Dining and Culinary Services team! And now, we introduce Assistant Manager Andrew who created this special event, including the recipes and menu!

Meet Assistant Manager Andrew

“I have been with Gordon Avenue Market for six months, and I have been in the food service industry for almost 10 years. My favorite part of working in Dining is meeting and working with so many different people, it has been interesting learning about so many other cultures out there. I chose the Balkans as my region because my father was born in the region. I grew up with many of these foods and the ones I chose were my favorite growing up. My grandma and aunts would always make these when I’d come visit them.”

Assistant Manager Andrew is bringing the stunning natural beauty of the Balkans to Gordon Avenue Market on Thursday, April 18! Learn more about this special event:

Balkans Night