Inclusive Language Series: Reflecting on the Terms We’ve Shared this Semester

As part of the Inclusive Language Series we shared this semester, we introduced terms and resources to promote mutual learning and to create more inclusive communities. This week we are reflecting on the terms we have talked about.

We Shared These Terms & Topics

We recognize that this doesn’t even begin to cover half of the terms or identities that exist but this is only the beginning of an ongoing conversation. We look forward to introducing more terms this fall and continuing our work supporting inclusive communities.

Now that we have taken time to reflect on the terms we explored this semester, we encourage you to take some time to reflect on what you have learned about yourself and others.

Reflection Questions

  • Is there an identity or term that you would like to learn more about? Is there a term you would like for others to further explore? What are ways you can proactively create opportunities for learning?
  • What are ways you have challenged yourself to become more aware of issues that disproportionately affect some identities over others? If you can’t think of any examples from this semester, what are some ways that you can challenge yourself in the future?
  • What were your main takeaways from the Inclusive Language Series articles you read? How do you plan to incorporate what you learned into your everyday life?
  • Learning about identity is an ongoing journey that doesn’t have an end destination. There will always be something new to learn or unlearn, and that’s okay. This learning requires vulnerability because you are going to make mistakes along the way. The most powerful thing you can do is turn those mistakes into moments of learning in order to be better and do better down the road. We plan to continue the Inclusive Language Series in the Fall 2024 semester. We encourage everyone to keep learning and growing in the meantime. As a disclaimer, it’s important to consider the source of your learning. You should never be learning (intentionally) at the expense of someone with a marginalized identity. If you want to learn, there are many spaces that exist for that very purpose. A quick internet search does wonders. Thank you for engaging with us this semester, and take care!

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

May 6: Yom Hashoah (Jewish) — “Holocaust Remembrance Day” memorializes the heroic martyrdom of six million jews sho perished in the Nazi Holocaust.

May 9: Ascension Day (Western Christian) — Also known as Holy Thursday, celebrated 40 days after Easter, it commemorates the ascension of Jesus into Heaven.

May 12: Mother’s Day — Children of all ages show appreciation for their mothers and mother figures