Gordon Avenue Market

Gordon Avenue Market

Effective 8/5, masks will be required when you are in the marketplace or when you are not actively eating your meal in the dining room.

  • Individuals who are not vaccinated should maintain physical distancing (6 feet from others) while in the marketplace or dining room.
  • Touch points will continue to be disinfected and sanitized regularly.
  • Touch less ordering, delivery, carry-out and reheat-able meals will remain available at marketplaces.

Gordon Dining & Event Center | 770 W. Dayton St. | Map
Office: 608-262-9471

Gordon Avenue Market is the large dining marketplace that serves the Southeast Neighborhood of campus. Gordon Avenue Market is located near Davis, Merit, Ogg, Sellery, and Witte Hall, and is open for meals throughout the day. Equipped with 12 different stations, Gordon offers customers a wide variety of meals and snacks. The dining area includes an assortment of seating options for secluded study breaks, booths to share with floor mates, and tables by the fireplace with views of East Campus Mall.

Today’s Menu at Gordon Avenue Market


Four Lakes Market offers all-you-care-to-eat (buffet style) service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This means, diners will pay for their meal upon entry to the market. No outside carry-in food will be allowed during these meal periods.

Please note: Four Lakes Market and dining room will be closed in-between meal service.

Today’s Menu at Four Lakes Market

Academic Year Hours*

Mon – Fri: Breakfast – 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.; Lunch – 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.; Dinner – 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sat- Sun: Brunch – 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.; Dinner – 4:00 p.m – 8:00 p.m.

*Hours may vary. See our full operating schedule for details.

Meal Prices

Meal Resident Price Non-Resident Price
Breakfast $4.99 $8.31
Lunch $5.99 $9.98
Dinner $6.99 $11.65


Stations at Gordon Avenue Market


1849 Diner serves home-style comfort foods. It's the place to find traditional favorites such as fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, chef-carved roast meats, and smokehouse BBQ flavors from around the country.

macaroni and cheese

Southeast Cafe

Southeast Cafe features smoothies, acai bowls UW Babcock Dairy, grab-and-go baked goods, beverages, sandwiches and snacks.

Sandwich from Delicious.

Buckingham Bakery

Buckingham Bakery offers fresh-baked goods morning, noon and night. Muffins, bagels, pastries, cookies, bars and an array of hot and cold desserts will display in a home-kitchen setting. A cereal station is part of this venue, featuring up to 30 vari

dessert pastries

Buona Cucina

Buona Cucina offers daily pasta selections, featuring signature marinara sauce and other house-prepared sauces, rustic Italian entrees and accompaniments.

spaghetti and meatballs

Capital City Pizza Company

Capital City Pizza Company offers signature pizza, calzones and breadsticks prepared to order and hearth baked in custom oven. Pizza is sold by the pie and by the slice, for dine-in or carry-out.



Delicious features made-to-order deli, panini sandwiches and wraps served on an array of freshly baked bread and roll choices.

sandwich on ciabatta roll


Eggcetera is the only place where you can get hot breakfast food anytime you want.

breakfast sandwich

Fired Up

Fired Up serves freshly grilled burgers and veggie burgers, chicken breasts, other grilled sandwiches and french fries.

cheeseburger and cheese curds

Flamingo Run

The Flamingo Run convenience store has brand-name items for purchase like bottled beverages, groceries, health and beauty aids, school supplies and snacks in a hip retail setting.

care package

Global Kitchen

Global Kitchen includes a number of ethnic entrées and sides from all corners of the globe with the menu varying daily.

pasta with shrimp

Great Greens

Great Greens features a bountiful bar of freshly prepared greens, fruit and vegetable toppings, and mixed salads for diners to craft the ultimate salad, as well as house-prepared soups.


Qué Rico

Qué Rico has daily specials of Tex-Mex fare, including tacos, taco salads, burritos, quesadillas – all prepared to order.

taco salad

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Can I bring my own food into Gordon Ave. Market and eat in the dining room?

No, with All-You-Care-to-Eat service no outside food will be allowed in the dining room or market.

Can I get my meal to-go from Gordon Ave. Market?

Yes, to take food to-go from Gordon you will need to use your Ticket to Take-Out token. Upon entry to the Market, provide your token to the cashier. You’ll be allowed to take 1 container to-go. The container must be able to shut. Food that is requested to-go must be consumed off-site and not in the dining room.

It says that the market is closed in-between meal serving periods, does that include the dining room? Can I sit in there are study?

Because staff need to clean and prep Gordon between every meal serving period, both the dining room and market will be closed to the public.

If Gordon is closed in-between meal periods, where can I grab something to eat that is nearby?

We have several other locations nearby to Gordon Ave. Market that are available for dining needs in-between these hours. See our operating hours to explore other options. Another option is to use our Starship Delivery service, where you can place in order from another dining location and have it delivered to you. Learn more about this service here.

At the other markets, I select my food and then pay at the cashier. How will this work with all-you-care-to-eat service?

Guests will pay for their meal open entry to the market. You will then be able to walk throughout the market and take servings of whatever you would like. We ask that when deciding what to eat that you are conscious of food waste. You are welcome to go back for additional servings throughout the serving period. But due to food safety regulations, you cannot put back what you do not eat. It must be thrown away.

Is there any option for me to grab something quick if I don’t have time for a sit-down meal?

Yes, you do have the option to take 1 container of food to-go from Gordon by using your Ticket to Take-out token. Another option is to use our Starship Delivery service, where you can place in order from another dining location and have it delivered to you. Learn more about this service here.

Gordon Avenue Market Staff

Chamario McMichael Sr.

Position title: Unit Manager - Gordon Avenue Market

Kris Eckles

Position title: Unit Chef - Gordon Avenue Market