Bud Selig inside Four Lakes Market

Dining for Non-Residents

Until further notice, all University Housing Dining Buildings will only be accessible by University Housing Staff and Residents.

The health of our community is our most important priority. As a result, of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are making several changes to our dining service in University Housing as we prepare for the fall. A few of these changes are highlighted below, and full details are listed in our Fall Reopening Guide.

Mobile Ordering – Pick up and Delivery Options

We are offering pick-up and delivery options to through Starship Technologies and GrubHub. All you have to do is download the respective apps and place your order. Be sure to pay with your Wiscard to receive a 5% discount.

For all GrubHub orders, there will be pick-up locations outside all dining locations during meals period where you will be able to pick-up your order.  For Starship Technologies orders, the robots will come to you. Simply place your order, drop a pin to your location, and the robot will come to you.

Welcome All Students, Faculty, Staff & Public Guests!

University Housing residents, UW-Madison students, faculty, staff, and the general public can eat at any of our six dining locations via a variety of payment methods, depending on their affiliation with UW-Madison and personal preference. Payment methods include Wiscard (UW-Madison photo ID card for students, faculty, and staff) or credit card/debit card.

We invite you to visit our dining markets, coffee shops, and convenience stores during the academic year for your meals, snacks, and specialty coffee drinks. University Housing Dining and Culinary Services offers high quality food, affordable prices, and daily specials.

Payment Methods


Non-resident customers who pay with their Wiscard account receive a 5% discount on food purchases at University Housing and Wisconsin Union dining locations. In addition, all enrolled UW-Madison students are exempt from sales tax on food purchases when paying with Wiscard, saving an additional 5.5% at most campus dining locations.

You can deposit funds onto your Wiscard online, by mail, by phone, or in person. Your purchases will be deducted from your Wiscard account at the register, and your account balance will be shown on the receipt.

Credit Card and Debit Card

Housing dining locations now accept Visa, Discover, and MasterCard for credit card payments. To keep checkout lines moving efficiently, we are a cashless dining operation–cash and check are not accepted.  Credit card/debit card payment methods do not qualify for the 5% Wiscard discount or the student sales tax exemption.