Nominations for 2020 University Housing Employee Awards are now open (March 15 - April 15)

University Housing Employee Awards

Who Can Nominate?

ALL University Housing Employees  are invited to nominate their fellow University Housing employees. This includes TE, Project, Full-time, Part-time, and Student Employees.

Who is Eligible to Win?

TE, Project, Full-time, Part-time University Housing employees who are in good standing and have worked for University Housing a minimum of six months are eligible.

Awards Available

New Employee Award – to recognize an individual who has worked for University Housing for less than three years. This employee is energetically engaged in this new position and provides exceptional effort in their role.

Experienced Employee Award – to recognize an individual who has worked in University Housing for more than three years who has demonstrated consistent commitment to and excellence in their work while also serving as a role model or mentor for other employees.

The Core Values Award(s) – to recognize an individual, or team, who exemplify one or more of the University Housing Core Values. (Care, Creativity, Integrity, Excellence, Optimism, Respect, and Stewardship).