A custodian changing light fixtures in a resident room


Residence Hall Facilities staff work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide maintenance, repairs, and cleaning services to maintain your college home. From fixing door locks to cleaning shared bathrooms, we take good care of it for you so that you can focus your time on studying and being a Badger.

Note: if the service request is for repairs in your room, Housing may ask that you are not present in the room while the requested work is being performed due to COVID-19 physical distancing protocols.

Maintenance Requests (for non-emergency repairs)

University Housing’s online Maintenance and Repair Service (MARS) provides an easy way to request non-emergency requests, such as:

  • Light bulb replacement
  • Sticky locks
  • Window screens replacement
  • Furniture repairs
  • Paging phone issues
  • Doors that are sticky, squeaky, hard to open or close but are otherwise operational
  • Showerheads that are not working
  • Problems with insects in rooms

Submit a Maintenance Request

Current Housing residents may fill out a maintenance request below. Parents/families should not submit requests on their students’ behalf. Please avoid using any special characters or symbols in your request text, as this can cause an error in the form and prevent us from receiving your information.

Emergency Repairs

Contact a House Fellow or your Hall Desk for emergency requests, such as:

  • Keys stuck in locks or resident room locks that aren’t working at all
  • Non-resident room doors that are not closing/locking properly
  • Doors that are unlocked that should be locked; doors that are locked that should be unlocked
  • Beeping smoke detectors
  • Messes that need cleaning up (vomit, food/drink spills, blood, urine, broken glass, etc.)
  • Elevators that are malfunctioning
  • Malfunctioning equipment that cannot wait until the next working day (overflowing toilets, faucets that won’t shut off, etc.)
  • Vital equipment that needs replacing (all toilet paper missing from a bathroom, all light bulbs removed from an area, etc.)
  • Problems with heat in rooms
  • Broken windows