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Changing Your Room

Room Change

A room change involves moving from your current room assignment to a vacant space in a new room. This process requires at least one vacant space in the room you intend to move into. Due to strong interest in living on campus in 2023-24, our residence halls will be very full without open spaces to move students into, which could limit how many room change requests that we’re able to accommodate.

End of Semester Room Change

The last day to request a fall room change is typically the Friday before Thanksgiving. After this date, students can request for a room change to occur at the end of the fall semester or after their return in the spring semester.

If you accept an end-of-semester room change, you’ll need to move all of your belongings out of your current room assignment before you leave for Winter Break. Upon returning for the spring semester, you’ll be able to check into your new room with your belongings.

Note: most room changes occur at the end of the first semester.

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Room Change Procedures

      1. Pick up your new key at the desk in the hall to which you have been assigned.
      2. Move your personal belongings out of the room and clean your room in preparation for a new resident.
        • Be sure that one dresser, closet, bookshelf, and bed are emptied.
        • You do not need to de-loft your bed.
        • In the event your space is not clean or has been intentionally damaged, you will be assessed charges for those damages and/or cleaning.
      3. Return your old key at the desk in the hall of which you are leaving. Failure to return your old key at the time you check out will result in a key core change that will be charged to your account.
      4. Desk staff will swipe your Wiscard to indicate that you have checked-out of your former room assignment.
      5. Update your addresses using MyUW to ensure that you will continue to get mail.

Note: Wiscard access to your former residence hall will end on the agreed upon room change date.

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Room Swap

2022 Move in day 3, Bucky helping out

A room swap involves changing rooms with a specific person assigned to a different room in the University Residence Halls. This process does not require there to be a vacant space in the room you intend to move to. In fact, you cannot swap with an open space. If you wish to move in to a vacant space, please request a room change by following the process above.

Note: do not just swap rooms and keys. This is a policy violation and may result in student misconduct. University Housing must account for you in the proper space in order to direct your mail, correctly manage your billing, and contact you or your family in case of an emergency.

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Both residents involved in the room swap need to be in agreement. The room swap process involves the assistance of your House Fellow and Residence Life Coordinator. Here are the easy steps to follow if you are interested in a room swap:

  • Contact your House Fellow or Residence Life Coordinator. These staff members will discuss your interest in the room swap, your plan for ensuring a great start with your new roommate(s) and confirm that both residents swapping spaces are in agreement.
  • The space you are moving into might have different costs associated with it.
  • We strongly encourage you to tell your current roommate(s). While they do not have the ability to prevent the room swap, communication with roommates is always helpful. Remember that they will eventually find out.
  • A Residence Life Coordinator will contact you and the other person swapping to confirm a date, time, and desk location to meet for the swap.
  • Both you and the person you are swapping with will need to go to your designated desk to sign a form and exchange keys.
  • You and the person you are swapping with will move your belongings after exchanging keys.

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Double to Single

Slichter Double

A double-to-single is an offer to turn your double room into a single room in the event that your roommate moves out of your room. In most instances, if your roommate moves out of your room, you will get another roommate. However, there are times when we may be able to offer your room to you as a single room if your roommate moves out.

Note: there is a fee associated with this process and it is not always an option depending on the time of year that your roommate moves. If you accept a double to a single offer, we will not remove the extra furniture for your room.

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Here is how the process works:

  1. You receive an email from the Assignment Office to your email account with the cost and timeline for securing your double room as a single room.
  2. You indicate to us which option you choose by completing the information in My UW Housing:
    • Retain and pay for your room as a single room for the remainder of the academic year.
    • Keep your room as a double room for the remainder of the academic year. You understand that a new roommate can be assigned at any time and you ensure the room is ready for a new occupant.
  3. If you agree to change your room to a single room, charges for the adjustment will either appear on your next bill or a separate bill will be emailed to you if the bill has already been sent.

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