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Academic Opportunities


UW–Madison is a large university and may be a little intimidating at first. Taking a class in a residence hall or learning community can be a great way to meet other students and gain a greater sense of community on campus. Compared to students enrolled in the same traditional classes, students in these class sections find that they interact and study more with classmates outside of class and develop closer friendships with classmates.

Learning Community Classes

Each learning community offers a for-credit seminar only available to residents in that community. The seminar is related to the topic that the community focuses on, so participating in the seminar is a great way to learn more while taking a class with friends you’ve made.

Spring 2024 Learning Community Seminar Info

Spring Learning Community Section Options

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Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS)

It is not unusual for students to arrive at UW-Madison unsure about which direction their studies will take them. The UW-Madison Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS) understands it’s normal and natural for students to spend time exploring options before deciding on a major. CCAS advisors are here to help guide students through this exciting and sometimes challenging process. The CCAS staff of advisors is knowledgeable about the wide variety of programs available to UW-Madison undergraduate students. Wherever students’ interests lie, CCAS advisors help them sort through options and make informed decisions.

CCAS is a campus-wide advising office. Advising at CCAS is open to all UW-Madison undergraduates who wish to learn more about their academic and career options.

CCAS serves students who:

  • Are exploring majors in multiple schools, colleges or departments wish to learn more about changing their intended or declared majors
  • Have been denied admission into limited-enrollment degree programs (such as business, pharmacy, nursing, education, and journalism) and are exploring new options
  • Seek assistance with early career exploration through the Career Exploration Center (CEC)

CCAS has locations across campus to serve as many students as possible, at times and in places convenient to students, including offices in University Housing, College Library, and the main CCAS office in 10 Ingraham Hall.

Drop-in Advising

In-person, drop-in advising is available in the Chadbourne, Dejope, Ogg, Sellery, & Witte CCAS Offices Monday – Thursday from 12:30 – 4:30 pm. No appointment is necessary!

Career Exploration Center (CEC)

The Career Exploration Center (CEC), a part of the Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS), is a campus-wide service that assists undecided and exploring students to investigate and make decisions about majors and careers. The CEC offers one-hour career appointments, a career library with over 350 books for students to browse, various career workshops, and assessments to help students identify strengths, interests, skills, and personality preferences. CEC advisors are available to meet with you via phone or video chat, for either 30 minutes or 1 hour. Advisors are generally available between 7:00 am-7:00 pm CST. Schedule an appointment and learn more about how the CEC can help you!

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Tutoring is offered in person in a variety of locations within residence halls for math, chemistry, and writing.

Chemistry Tutoring

wdt_ID Location Room Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
2 Dejope 1110 - Classroom 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm
3 Witte 116 - Classroom 7 - 9:30pm 7 - 9:30pm 7 - 9:30pm 7 - 9:30pm

Math Tutoring

wdt_ID Location Room Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
3 Dejope 1110 – Classroom 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm
7 Smith Tutor Room by Front Desk 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm
9 Witte 116 – Classroom 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm 7 – 9:30pm
10 Sellery 137 - Classroom 7 - 9:30 pm 7 - 9:30 pm 7 - 9:30 pm 7 - 9:30 pm

Writing Tutoring

The UW-Madison Writing Center supports students in working on all kinds of writing projects. In-person and virtual meetings are available as well as written feedback. In addition, free drop-in writing tutoring is provided by Writing Center instructors in a variety of locations within residence halls.

wdt_ID Location Room Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
1 Chadbourne 128 – Classroom 6:15 – 9:15pm 6:15 – 9:15pm 6:15 – 9:15pm
2 Dejope 1116 – Tutoring Room 6:15 – 9:15pm 6:15 – 9:15pm 6:15 – 9:15pm 6:15 – 9:15pm
3 Witte 114 – Classroom 6:15 – 9:15pm 6:15 – 9:15pm 6:15 – 9:15pm
4 Witte 125 – Center for Cultural Enrichment (CCE) 6:15 – 9:15pm

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Honored Instructors

honored instructors graphic

University Housing residents have the opportunity to recognize outstanding classroom instructors through the Honored Instructor program. Over the years, students who live in University Housing have honored hundreds of instructors on campus.

Do you live in Housing and feel that an instructor challenges you, helps you learn, makes learning fun, and/or inspires you? Please nominate them as an Honored Instructor!

Every instructor nominated will receive a recognition letter and award thanking them for their hard work. In addition, your nominated instructor will be invited to an Honored Instructor Social in the Spring semester (you’ll get an invitation, too). Check out the link below to nominate an instructor, it only takes a minute!
The nomination deadline is Wednesday, November 15.

Nominate an Honored Instructor

*Nominations are taken and promoted in the middle of each semester.

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Spring 2023 Recipients

  • Shawn Kaeppler (Agronomy)
  • Ali Baba Sanchi (Anthropology)
  • Sneha Chavali (Anthropology)
  • Darcy Padilla (Art)
  • Jennifer Nelson (Art History)
  • Alexander Hopp (Asian American Studies)
  • Chong Moua (Asian American Studies)
  • Junko Mori (Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Anna Kowalkowski (Biology)
  • Robert Mooney (Biology Core Curriculum/Integrative Biology)
  • Simon Gilroy (Botany)
  • Brayden Bulloch (Business)
  • Judith Burstyn (Chemistry)
  • Lea Gustin (Chemistry)
  • Linda Zelewski (Chemistry)
  • Matthew Bowman (Chemistry)
  • Matthew Dorris (Chemistry)
  • Thomas Brunold (Chemistry)
  • Tracey Reitz (Chemistry)
  • Sophia Vogelsang (Chemistry)
  • Rachelle Eilers (Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies)
  • Pavana Prabhakar (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • William Aylward (Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies)
  • Erica Moulton (Communication Arts)
  • Maryam Ahmadi (Communication Arts)
  • Beck Hasti (Computer Science)
  • Hobbes LeGault (Computer Science)
  • Michael Doescher (Computer Science)
  • Korinna Hansen (Economics)
  • Simone Schweber (Education Policy Studies)
  • Anthony Hernandez (Education Policy Studies)
  • Eric Hoffman (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Amy Gaeta (English)
  • Anya Nesterchouk (English)
  • Nathan T. Wheeler (English)
  • Jacee Cho (English)
  • Josh Kalscheur (English)
  • Nicholas Story (English)
  • Thomas Massnick (English)
  • Scott Campbell (English)
  • Adam Smedema (Finance)
  • Arnoldo Lopez-Hernandez (Food Science)
  • Jonathan Pauli (Forest and Wildlife Ecology)
  • Riccardo Marcangeli (French and Italian)
  • Katie Vermillion (Genetics)
  • Lisa Naughton (Geography)
  • Scott Mellor (German, Nordic and Slavic)
  • Charlotte Vanhecke (German, Nordic and Slavic)
  • Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor (German, Nordic and Slavic)
  • Cindy Cheng (History)
  • Michael Martoccio (History)
  • Simon Balto (History)
  • Kristy Burkholder (Human Development and Family Studies)
  • Rebekah Willett (Information School)
  • Seth Blair (Integrative Biology)
  • Scott Hartman (Integrative Biology)
  • Neiha Lasharie (Law, Society and Justice)
  • Tatiana Cruz (Law, Society and Justice)
  • Donald Stanley (Life Sciences Communication)
  • Laurie Brachman (Marketing)
  • Franklin Hobbs (Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Boya Wen (Mathematics)
  • Chris Rycroft (Mathematics)
  • Erik Bates (Mathematics)
  • Jack Burkart (Mathematics)
  • Kaitlyn Phillipson (Mathematics)
  • Melissa Lindsey (Mathematics)
  • Thomas Chandler (Mathematics)
  • Corey Pompey (Mead Witter School of Music)
  • Daniel Grabois (Mead Witter School of Music)
  • Gregory Nellis (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Michael Wehner (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Yirong Wang (Nutritional Sciences)
  • Elizabeth Bell (Philosophy)
  • Tulika Bose (Physics)
  • Caitlyn Allen (Plant Pathology)
  • Patrick L. Remington (Population Health Sciences)
  • Carl Barlett (Risk and Insurance)
  • Denise Castillo (Spanish and Portuguese English)

Past Recipients

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Fall 2022

  • Russell Epp (Accounting and Information Systems)
  • Alexander Shashko (African American Studies)
  • Christy Clark-Pujara (African American Studies)
  • Chloris Lowe (American Indian Studies)
  • Ron Kean (Animal and Dairy Sciences)
  • John Hawks (Anthropology)
  • Kevin Wamalwa (Anthropology)
  • Sarah Reagan (Art)
  • Naomi Geyer (Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Christy Tremonti (Astronomy)
  • Daniel Vimont (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences)
  • Margeaux Wysockey (BBA Program Office)
  • Amy Weeks (Biochemistry)
  • Kenneth Sytsma (Botany)
  • Simon Gilroy (Botany)
  • Edgar Spalding (Botany)
  • Phillip Pinell (Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy)
  • Amanda Spiewak (Chemistry)
  • Emre Usman (Chemistry)
  • Kelsey Miles (Chemistry)
  • Martin Zanni (Chemistry)
  • Paul Hooker (Chemistry)
  • Sam Pazicni (Chemistry)
  • Stephen Block (Chemistry)
  • Tony Jacobs (Chemistry)
  • Yang Yang (Chemistry)
  • Yulia Podorova (Chemistry)
  • Thomas C. Brunold (Chemistry)
  • William Brockliss (Classical & Ancient Near Eastern Studies)
  • Marie-Louise Mares (Communication Arts)
  • Misha Finney (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • Sarah Rios (Community and Environmental Sociology)
  • Beck Hasti (Computer Sciences)
  • Hobbes LeGault (Computer Sciences)
  • Jim Williams (Computer Sciences)
  • Michael Doescher (Computer Sciences)
  • Rahul Panda (Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Liz Sexe (Dance)
  • Lesley Sager (Design Studies)
  • David Johnson (Economics)
  • Gregory Pac (Economics)
  • Korinna Hansen (Economics)
  • Steve Trost (Economics)
  • Anthony Hernandez (Educational Policy Studies)
  • Ferrinne Spector (Educational Psychology)
  • Bhuvana Krishnaswamy (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Eric Thomas (English)
  • John Mulvihill (English)
  • Kate Merz (English)
  • Ralph Grunewald (English)
  • Sarah Ensor (English)
  • Scott Campbell (English)
  • Jonathan Pauli (Forest and Wildlife Ecology)
  • Katherine Terry (French & Italian)
  • Richard Goodkin (French & Italian)
  • Sami Schalk (Gender & Women Studies)
  • Christine Garlough (Gender & Women Studies)
  • Emi Frerichs (Gender & Women Studies)
  • Finn Enke (Gender & Women Studies)
  • Katie Vermillion Kalmon (Genetics)
  • Matthew Turner (Geography)
  • Stepha Velednitsky (Geography)
  • Stephen Young (Geography)
  • Chloe Bonamici (Geoscience)
  • Clay Kelly (Geoscience)
  • John Russo (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • Scott Mellor (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • Anna Tumarkin (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • Lowell Brower (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • Cindy I-Fen Cheng (History)
  • Gloria Whiting (History)
  • Marcella Hayes (History)
  • Matt Villeneuve (History)
  • Simon Balto (History)
  • Prashant Sharma (Integrative Biology)
  • Sharon Thoma (Integrative Biology)
  • Hernando Rojas (Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • Elaine Almeida (Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • Andrew Lokuta (Kinesiology)
  • Tanya Schlam (Kinesiology)
  • Neiha Lasharie (Law, Society and Justice)
  • Richard Keyser (Law, Society and Justice)
  • Laurie Brachman (Marketing)
  • Moses Altsech (Marketing)
  • Aleksandra Sobieska (Mathematics)
  • Boya Wen (Mathematics)
  • Brian Lawrence (Mathematics)
  • Caglar Uyanik (Mathematics)
  • Cassie Williams (Mathematics)
  • Grace Work (Mathematics)
  • Kaitlyn Phillipson (Mathematics)
  • Karen Duffy (Mathematics)
  • Mikhail Ivanov (Mathematics)
  • Nate Fisher (Mathematics)
  • Qin Li (Mathematics)
  • Sergey Denisov (Mathematics)
  • Yunus Tuncbilek (Mathematics)
  • Lovish Arora (Mathematics)
  • Anthony Di Sanza (Mead Witter School of Music)
  • Brian Hyer (Mead Witter School of Music)
  • Corey Pompey (Mead Witter School of Music)
  • Robert Beattie (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies)
  • Yirong Wang (Nutritional Sciences)
  • Bruno Whittle (Philosophy)
  • Danielle Clevenger (Philosophy)
  • Farid Masrour (Philosophy)
  • Phil Mack (Philosophy)
  • John Mackay (Philosophy)
  • Andrew McWard (Political Science)
  • Daniel Kapust (Political Science)
  • Jon Pevehouse (Political Science)
  • David Canon (Political Science)
  • Chelsea Andrews (Psychology)
  • Diane Gooding (Psychology)
  • Jeffrey B. Henriques (Psychology)
  • Susan Smedema (Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education)
  • Joan Schmit (Risk and Insurance)
  • Jake Dean (School of Business)
  • Rommel Jimenez (School of Business)
  • Mary Hark (School of Human Ecology)
  • Uchita Vaid (School of Human Ecology)
  • Tracy Schroepfer (Social Work)
  • Griffin Bur (Sociology)
  • Max Besbris (Sociology)
  • Morgan Henson (Sociology)
  • Jason Nolen (Sociology)
  • Denise Castillo (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Roberto García Delgado (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Jamie De Moya-Cotter (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Adriana Velasco Guadarrama (Spanish & Portuguese/Anthropology)
  • Clare Haden (Theatre and Drama)

Spring 2020

  • Eric L. Brown (Accouting and Information Systems)
  • Alexander Shashko (Afro-American Studies)
  • Christy Clark-Pujara (Afro-American Studies)
  • Mosi Ifatunji (Afro-American Studies; Sociology)
  • Ian Coxhead (Agricultural & Applied Economics)
  • Alan Foster Lee (Anthropology)
  • Richard McFarland (Anthropology)
  • Yiming Wang (Anthropology)
  • Timothy Hawkeye Jorgensen (Art)
  • Kaori Nishikino (Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Nikhil Tiwari (Asian Languages and Cultures Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Amy Barger (Astronomy)
  • Jonathan Martin (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences)
  • Isabella T. Whitworth (Biochemistry; Chemistry)
  • Edgar Spalding (Botany)
  • Simon Gilroy (Botany)
  • Dan Olszewski (Business)
  • Andrew Zhu (Chemistry)
  • Christine Beemelmanns (Chemistry)
  • Emily A. Reasoner (Chemistry)
  • Gilbert M. Nathanson (Chemistry)
  • Jeffrey D. Martell (Chemistry)
  • Lea Gustin (Chemistry)
  • Liana Lamont (Chemistry)
  • Martin T. Zanni (Chemistry)
  • Sam Pazicni (Chemistry)
  • Sifei Fang (Chemistry)
  • Stephen B. Block (Chemistry)
  • Thomas C. Brunold (Chemistry)
  • Yasmin Alvarez-Garcia (Chemistry)
  • Matt Bowman (Chemistry)
  • Paul Hooker (Chemistry)
  • Kristina Marie Fullerton Rico (Chicana/o & Latina/o Studies)
  • Michael Maguire (Civil Society and Community Studies)
  • William Aylward (Classic & Ancient Near Eastern Studies)
  • William Brockliss (Classic & Ancient Near Eastern Studies)
  • Alanna Peebles (Communication Arts)
  • Catalina Toma (Communication Arts)
  • Eric Hoyt (Communication Arts)
  • Jeremy Morris (Communication Arts)
  • William Quade (Communication Arts)
  • Sriram Boothalingam (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • Michael Bell (Community & Environmental Sociology)
  • Brigitte Fielder (Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies)
  • Deb Deppeler (Computer Sciences)
  • James D. Skrentny (Computer Sciences)
  • Jim Williams (Computer Sciences)
  • Marc Renault (Computer Sciences)
  • Shivaram Venkataraman (Computer Sciences)
  • François Tochon (Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Jin-Wen Yu (Dance)
  • Carolyn Benforado (Design Studies)
  • Yeonhee Cheong (Design Studies Exhibits & Collections)
  • Alan T. Sorensen (Economics)
  • David W. Johnson (Economics)
  • Gregory Pac (Economics)
  • Korinna Hansen (Economics)
  • Matthew Friedman (Economics)
  • Rasmus Lentz (Economics)
  • Gabrielle Hernández (Educational Policy Studies)
  • Nicholas M.  Strohl (Educational Policy Studies)
  • Barry Vanveen (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Antonio Hernández (Engineering Physics)
  • Lennon Rodgers (Engineering Shops)
  • Rebecca Alcock (Engineering Shops)
  • Anja Jovic-Humphrey (English)
  • Christopher Cañete Rodriguez Kelly (English)
  • Kimberly Hagerich (English)
  • Lisa Cooper (English)
  • Ralph Grunewald (English)
  • Sabrina D. Manero (English)
  • Timothy Yu (English)
  • Marek Makowski (English)
  • Natalie Eilbert (English)
  • Stella Isenbuegel (English)
  • Sean Schoville (Entomology)
  • Daniele Santucci (French & Italian)
  • Luke Anthony Ptak (French & Italian)
  • Richard Goodkin (French & Italian)
  • Robert Beattie (Gaylord Nelson Institute Environmental Studies)
  • James McMaster (Gender and Women Studies)
  • Nicholas Zumwalde (Genetics Bacteriology)
  • Matthew Turner (Geography)
  • Stephen R. Meyers (Geoscience)
  • Jeanne Schueller (German, Nordic and Slavic)
  • Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor (German, Nordic and Slavic)
  • Monika Chavez (German, Nordic and Slavic)
  • Scott Mellor (German, Nordic and Slavic)
  • Sophia Strietholt (German, Nordic and Slavic)
  • Claus Andersen (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • David Danaher (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • James Sweet (History)
  • Ashley Brown (History)
  • Karl Shoemaker (History)
  • Lee Palmer Wandel (History)
  • Paige Glotzer (History)
  • Brahim Lafdouk (History)
  • Stephen Kantrowitz (History)
  • Irwin Goldman (Horticulture)
  • Kristy Burkholder (Human Development and Family Studies)
  • Hannah Silber (Industrial & Systems Engineering)
  • Alan Rubel (Information School)
  • Amy Buchmeyer (Integrated Liberal Studies)
  • Anthony Ives (Integrative Biology)
  • Lucas A Nell (Integrative Biology)
  • Jean A. Patz (Kinesiology)
  • Timothy M. Smeeding (La Follette School of Public Affairs)
  • Dan Cornelius (Law School; Great Lakes Indigenous Law Center)
  • Maria Papas Heide (Marketing)
  • Sue Babcock (Materials Science & Engineering)
  • Daniel M. Erman (Mathematics)
  • Fabian Waleffe (Mathematics)
  • Gabriele Elizabeth Meyer (Mathematics)
  • Ian M. Seong (Mathematics)
  • Leslie M. Smith (Mathematics)
  • Robert V. L. Grizzard (Mathematics)
  • Saverio Spagnolie (Mathematics)
  • Sid Jennings (Mathematics)
  • Solly Parenti (Mathematics)
  • Yu-Chan Chang (Mathematics)
  • Anthony DiSanza (Music)
  • Darin Olson (Music)
  • Jamie Henke (Music)
  • Colleen P. Henegan (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies)
  • Adam Pham (Philosophy)
  • Dylan Beschoner (Philosophy)
  • Hayley Clatterbuck (Philosophy)
  • Henry Southgate (Philosophy)
  • Larry Shapiro (Philosophy)
  • Russell S. Shafer-Landau (Philosophy)
  • Harry Brighouse (Philosophy)
  • Daniel Thurs (Physics)
  • Duncan Carlsmith (Physics)
  • Maria Moreno (Planning & Landscape Architecture)
  • Barry Burden (Political Science)
  • John Zumbrunnen (Political Science)
  • Thomas Scott Worth (Political Science)
  • David T. Canon (Political Science)
  • Anthony Auger (Psychology)
  • Christopher Coe (Psychology)
  • Janet Hyde (Psychology)
  • Jeff Henriques (Psychology)
  • Jonathan Gallimore (Psychology)
  • Miriam Barcus (Sociology)
  • Joseph Conti (Sociology)
  • Nicholas Pedriana (Sociology)
  • Carolina Balvin Arévalo (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Elizabeth Ann Neary (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Jamie De Moya-Cotter (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Kristin Neumayer (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Roberto García Delgado (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Rubén Medina (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Sarli E. Mercado (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • John Gillett (Statistics)

Fall 2019

  • Kirk Peter (Actuarial Science)
  • Tim Gattenby (Adapted Fitness)
  • Angeline Peterson (African Cultural Studies)
  • Alexander Shashko (Afro-American Studies)
  • Jibril Gabid (African Cultural Studies)
  • Salah Algabli (African Cultural Studies)
  • Sandra Adell (Afro-American Studies)
  • Henry Bunn (Anthropology)
  • Nam Kim (Anthropology)
  • Richard McFarland (Anthropology)
  • Jeffrey Butler (Art)
  • Michael Peterson (Art)
  • Jeffrey Clancy (Art)
  • Maggie Snyder (Art)
  • Matthew Mauk (Art)
  • Amy Barger (Astronomy)
  • David Baum (Biology)
  • Donna Fernandez (Biology)
  • Phil Newmark (Biology)
  • Simon Gilroy (Botany)
  • Alex Lasso (Business)
  • Steven Wong (Chadbourne Residential College)
  • Agnes Lee (Chemistry)
  • AJ Boydston (Chemistry)
  • Amy Tatarsky (Chemistry)
  • Gordon Peterson (Chemistry)
  • Liana Lamont (Chemistry)
  • Marty Zanni (Chemistry)
  • Paul Hooker (Chemistry)
  • Prayas Sutar (Chemistry)
  • Sam Pazicni (Chemistry)
  • Stephen Block (Chemistry)
  • Thomas Brunold (Chemistry)
  • Zachary Wickens (Chemistry)
  • Zhiming Su (Chemistry)
  • R. Schmidt (Chemistry)
  • Martin Zanni (Chemistry)
  • Sam Gellman (Chemistry)
  • José Villagrán (Chican@ and Latin@ Studies)
  • Kristina Fullerton (Chican@ and Latin@ Studies)
  • Jeff Beneker (Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies)
  • Eric Hoyt (Communication Arts)
  • Jeremy Morris (Communication Arts)
  • Michael Dolan (Communication Arts)
  • Sriram Boothalingam (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • Chris Livanos (Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies)
  • Jim Williams (Computer Science)
  • Tyler Caraza-Harter (Computer science)
  • Marc Renault (Computer Science )
  • Adil Ibrahim (Computer Sciences)
  • Beck Hasti (Computer Sciences)
  • Krista-Lee Malone (Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Peter Wardrip (Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Kalyanna Williams (Dairy Science)
  • Karen McShane-Hellenbrand (Dance)
  • Li Chiao Ping (Dance)
  • David Johnson (Economics)
  • Elizabeth Kelly (Economics)
  • Gwen Eudey (Economics)
  • John Kennan (Economics)
  • Rebecca Glawtschew (Economics)
  • Korinna Hansen (Economics )
  • Zaure Aitkulova (Economics )
  • Diana Rodríguez Gómez (Educational Policy Studies)
  • Linn Posey-Maddox (Educational Policy Studies)
  • Amy Bellmore (Educational Psychology)
  • Jeffrey Russell (Engineering)
  • Joe Krachey (Engineering)
  • Ashley Bellet (English)
  • Doron Darnov (English)
  • Jen Plants (English)
  • Joseph Bowling (English)
  • Joshua Calhoun (English)
  • Kevin Adler (English)
  • Meredith Nnoka (English)
  • Miriam Huettner (English)
  • Ralph Grunewald (English)
  • Sunny Yudkoff (English)
  • Emily Shetler (English)
  • Heather Swan (English)
  • Karen Britland (English)
  • Lisa Cooper (English)
  • Mary Wang (English as a Second Language)
  • Adrian Treves (Environmental Studies)
  • Bill Karasov (Forest and Wildlife Ecology)
  • Katherine Terry (French & Italian)
  • Stephanie Ragan (French & Italian)
  • Tessa Archambault (French & Italian)
  • Christine Garlough (Gender and Women’s Studies)
  • John Doebley (Genetics)
  • Katie Vermillion Kalmon (Genetics)
  • Bill Gartner (Geography)
  • Matthew Turner (Geography)
  • Shanan Peters (GeoScience)
  • Ilona Sotnikova (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • Peggy Hager (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • Robin Cummins (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • Sarah Ferchau (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • Scott Mellor (German, Nordic, and Slavic)
  • Ashley Brown (History)
  • Daniel Stolz (History)
  • Lee Palmer Wandel (History)
  • Marla Ramírez (History)
  • Shelly Chan (History)
  • Stephen Kantrowitz (History)
  • Viren Murthy (History)
  • Cindy Cheng (History/Asian American Studies)
  • Sharon Thoma (Integrative Biology)
  • Michael Wagner (Journalism)
  • Patrick Hills-Meyer (Kinesiology)
  • Yafei Li (Linguistics)
  • Alisha Zacharia (Mathematics)
  • Ben Wright (Mathematics)
  • Jeremy Johnson (Mathematics)
  • Joe Miller (Mathematics)
  • Jordan Radke (Mathematics)
  • Kyriakos Sergiou (Mathematics)
  • Rajat Srivastava (Mathematics)
  • Sergey Bolotin (Mathematics)
  • Uri Andrews (Mathematics)
  • Yu-Chan Chang (Mathematics)
  • Daniel Erman (Mathematics)
  • Matthew Grondin (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Sonny Nimityongskul (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ethan Lindbloom (Music)
  • Iason Giagtzoglou (Music)
  • Michael Johnson (Music)
  • Nadia Chana (Music)
  • Scott Teeple (Music)
  • Jessica Johnson (Music)
  • Lindsey Meekhof (Music)
  • Yirong Wang (Nutritional Sciences)
  • Anat Schechtman (Philosophy)
  • Dylan Beschoner (Philosophy)
  • Henry Southgate (Philosophy)
  • James Messina (Philosophy)
  • Lawrence Shapiro (Philosophy)
  • Steven Nadler (Philosophy)
  • Pupa Gilbert (Physics)
  • Andrew Bent (Plant Pathology)
  • Mark Copelovitch (Political Science)
  • Victoria Casola (Political Science)
  • Baoyu Wang (Psychology)
  • Shawn Green (Psychology)
  • Emily Ward (Psychology)
  • Johnathan Gallimore (Psychology)
  • Jeff Henriques (Psychology)
  • Timothy Smeeding (Public Affairs)
  • Sherry Chan (Religious Studies)
  • Joan Schmit (Risk Management and Insurance)
  • Robin Matthies (Social Work)
  • Tracy Schroepfer (Social Work)
  • Jaclyn Wypler (Sociology)
  • Nick Pedriana (Sociology)
  • Nick Balster (Soil Sciences)
  • Luke Urbain (Spanish & Portugese)
  • Michelle Duton (Spanish & Portugese)
  • Roberto García Delgado (Spanish & Portugese)
  • Ana Hidalgo (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Bárbara Rodríguez-Guridi (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Brandon Goodale (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Carlos Andrés Rojas (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Carlos Martín Cabrera (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Carlos Ortiz (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Jorge Cienfuegos (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Kristin Neumayer (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Bret Larget (Statistics)
  • Rob Wagner (Theatre)
  • Karann Putrevu (Zoology)
  • Yevgenya Grinblat (Zoology)

This past Honored Instructors document lists all nominated instructors from 2008-2018.


Wisconsin Welcome

Held at the beginning of each semester, in addition to the numerous social events planned, Wisconsin Welcome features several academic workshops and experiences.

Writing Center

Free drop-in writing tutoring is provided by Writing Center Instructors. The Writing Center is available in many Housing locations. You can stay up-to-date on hours and availability by following the Writing Center on Twitter.

Greater University Tutoring Service

If you need help in other subjects, or at different times, the Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS) provides free drop-in tutoring in various subjects and locations. GUTS, by request, holds individual or group Study Skills Workshops including note-taking, exam prep, test-taking, and time management. Ask your House Fellow to request a workshop for your floor.

Software Training for Students

The Department of Information Technology holds regular software training workshops on a wide range of topics. These classes are free and require advance registration.

College of Letters and Science Career Services

The L&S Career Services office holds workshops on topics such as resume writing and interviewing.

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