Wisconsin Late Night

Wisconsin Late Night (WLN) puts on events for students at UW–Madison on Fridays & Saturdays from 9 PM- 12 AM.

Wisconsin Late Night (WLN) is considered “Alcohol Alternative Programming,” which provides a safe & productive space for students to come together on the weekends. We offer a wide variety of events to suit the needs of all students, including creative, informational, inclusive, and competitive events. Some of our most popular events that we host are trivia nights, Grocery BINGO! nights, canvas painting nights, live performances, and interactive game nights.

Our WLN student staff is comprised of Late Night Coordinators, all of whom are undergraduate students pursuing a degree at UW–Madison. They come out every Friday and Saturday night to set up, take down, and engage with students during our events. Our staff is dedicated to providing a space that is inclusive and equitable to all students. We strive to promote diversity and celebrate differences with the themes of our events and how they interact with others. Wisconsin Late Night is proud to support ALL students and provide the most accessible programs possible.

Wisconsin Late Night also prides itself on building community and promoting healthy, lasting peer relationships. In fact, during our 2021 Wisconsin Welcome, WLN hosted several events over the course of the week in which first-year students were able to meet new people outside of their buildings and residence halls. Many of the students who met at one of our Welcome events formed close friendships and attended many of WLN’s programs together later in the year. Attending programs hosted by Wisconsin Late Night is a great way for students to build community, meet new people, and try new things… which is exactly what college is all about!

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