Wisconsin Weekdays

Wisconsin Weekdays programming provides students living on UW Madison’s campus with the opportunity for community and relationship building with their peers, as well as education about themselves and the world around them. Wisconsin Weekdays was created in response to our students and their families’ desire for more interactive and holistic programming during the week. Wisconsin Weekdays programming will provide students a space to express themselves, try new things, and gain the most from their collegiate experience while living on campus. 

Programs are planned and put on by student staff members called Residential Events Programmers (REPs) and hosted in centralized locations to increase accessibility for our students. Residential Events Programmers (REPs) are student staff hired for the purpose of creating, planning, and facilitating events and programs that encourage student engagement and skill-building education. REPs are responsible for creating programs that not only entertain students living on campus, but also enrich their own lived experiences and support their personal, interpersonal, and professional growth.

Wisconsin Weekdays is structured so that there are 6 programs happening simultaneously, biweekly, on each side (by neighborhood) of campus. During weeks that Wisconsin Weekdays is programming, REPs prioritize student engagement outside of student residence halls; during weeks that Wisconsin Weekdays is not programming, community building within student residence halls is prioritized.

It is the primary goal of Wisconsin Weekdays to assist students living on campus to find community within their residence halls and larger campus community. Wisconsin Weekdays, and REPs as the direct facilitators, aim to help students reach their personal and academic goals by providing excellent events and explorative experiences during the student’s time living on campus.


There are no upcoming events.