Maintenance Minute: Fire Drills

Red fire flame line iconThank you for your participation and understanding in the recent residence hall fire drills! We know that they can be a disturbance or inconvenience, especially during winter months, but the drills are important to follow whenever they happen.

To maintain compliance with the City of Madison fire code, University Housing is required to conduct fire drills several times per year. There is one more scheduled to happen while you’re living in the residence halls this year.

During these fire drills, it is important to follow the evacuation instructions, distance yourself from the building and building entrance, and wait to return to the building until you hear one of the authorized people conducting the drill say, “all clear.” Typically, the amount of time until you hear the “all clear” is dependent on how quickly residents and staff are evacuating the building. (Want to make the drill go faster? Evacuate the building as quickly as you can, and encourage fellow residents to do the same!)

These fire drills are very helpful in more than just behavior, or the act of leaving. It is also a way for our Facilities team to test the fire alarm system and its support devices, such as exit devices, sounding alarms throughout the building, communication devices, and more. We make sure during this time that these are all in working condition so they are functional in the event of a real emergency.

Regardless of whether a fire alarm is part of a test or an actual emergency, no matter when it happens, it’s vital to your safety that you evacuate quickly every time you hear the alarm.

If you see any fire alarm system devices that are damaged or not working, like the exit signs on the ceiling, please submit a maintenance request so we can address it as soon as possible.

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