A child plays in a sandbox at Eagle's Wing

Prospective Families

Enrollment and Waitlist


Eagle’s Wing serves approximately 100 children, primarily from the Eagle Heights and University Houses community, although we also welcome other families. The program is generally full with some wait time for all classrooms. The wait time for the infant and toddler classrooms tends to be longer due to small class sizes. We enroll all year, as space becomes available.

Positions on the waitlist are determined by the following priorities:

  1. Sibling of Currently Enrolled Student
  2. Residents of University Apartments (Eagle Heights or University Houses)
  3. University Housing Employees
  4. UW Employees
  5. Community Members at Large

Enrollment Process

  1. Apply to the waitlist
  2. Wait to be contacted when a space is available. To check on your position on the waitlist, or for any other enrollment questions, contact Ellie Squire, Associate Director & Enrollment Coordinator for Eagle’s Wing
  3. Complete contract and necessary medical forms and have a family visit to the classroom

4K Information

Eagle’s Wing is a 4K Community Early Care and Education Site. You can learn more about FourYearOld Kindergarten by going to the MMSD website: FourYearOld Kindergarten (4K)  Madison Metropolitan School District.

Please contact Ellie Squire, Associate Director at ellie.squire@housing.wisc.edu, for more information about 4K enrollment at Eagle’s Wing.