A furnished apartment in Eagle Heights.


Eligibility & Waitlists

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Student Eligibility

In order to live in University Apartments, graduate students must carry a minimum of two credits per semester for an academic year. If a student is a dissertator, three credits per semester for an academic year are required. Undergraduate students (with families) must carry a minimum of six credits per semester for an academic year.

Student Graduation

If you graduate at the end of a spring semester, you should plan to move out on or before the end of your current lease. Residents who will graduate at the end of the summer should plan to move out on or before August 31. Summer graduates are also obligated to give 90-days notice. Please plan accordingly to get your lease termination form to the University Apartments Office on time.

Faculty & Academic Staff Eligibility

Faculty and academic staff currently employed at UW-Madison may live in the Eagle Heights or University Houses neighborhoods.

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How our Waitlist Works

After applying for an apartment, potential residents’ names are placed on a waiting list according to the date applied, when they wish to move in, and what priority they have according to their eligibility. Potential residents are welcome to apply for any type of apartment their eligibility allows without affecting their chances of being offered an apartment. Applicants who are not offered an apartment for a date they requested are automatically carried over to the next month’s wait list until:

  • An apartment can be offered to the applicant
  • The applicant changes the occupancy date desired
  • The applicant cancels their application

University Apartments staff update wait lists twice each year. We send applicants an email to the address on their application requesting updates to information. Failure to respond to this request will result in cancellation of an application.

Current Waitlist Priorities

If an offer is accepted, the applicant must move into the apartment no later than 30 days after the start date of the lease.

University Houses & Eagle Heights 200s – 900s 

  • Graduate students with Fellowships that give priority for Housing (family or single)
  • Student families
  • Postdoctoral scholar families
  • Single graduate students
  • Single Postdocs
  • Other non-student families (academic staff, honorary associate fellows, faculty)
  • Other non-student singles

 Harvey Street & Eagle Heights 101 – 109

  • Single graduate students

Signing a Lease

Once you complete your lease acceptance online form, you are obligated to pay a minimum of 90 days rent, even if you are later unable to attend or work at UW-Madison. In general, if you would answer “no” to any of the following questions, you should resolve the issue(s) before signing the lease:

  • is the potential resident able to commit to paying rent on the date the lease begins?
  • Is the potential resident able to send a $500 advance payment at the time?
  • If applicable, has the potential resident received their student visa?
  • Students: Have you been admitted to UW-Madison or an academic school, college, or department?
  • Faculty/Staff: Has a UW-Madison employer completed arrangements for your appointment?

The Division of University Housing does not discriminate in assignment to University Apartments on the basis of race, color, sex, martial status, sexual orientation, religion, disability, national origin, or ancestry. Applicants are assigned according to their priority category and date of application.