Exterior of a University Houses apartment building.

University Houses

Madison, WI 53705  |  Map  |  Rates
146 unfurnished apartments
47 one-bedrooms  |  89 two-bedrooms  |  10 three-bedrooms

The University Houses community is nestled between the woods of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve to the west and east, Eagle Heights to the north, and the village of Shorewood Hills to the south. Like Eagle Heights, the 20 acre apartment community offers easy bike or bus access to UW-Madison’s campus, numerous picnic and playground areas, a central community center in Eagle Heights, and one of the oldest community gardens in the United States.

University Houses serves students with families, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, academic staff, University Staff, and UW-Madison faculty.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are intended to give you an approximate view of our property, not exact details of a specific unit. Your own unit may vary in flooring type, kitchen and bathroom materials (counters, cabinets, appliance/fixture types), and the layout may be flipped or slightly varied depending on the location within the building and the building style. Each University Apartments unit has its own unique character and it is not possible for us to provide more specific details about individual units, but hopefully these virtual tours help give you a better perspective about what you might expect upon arrival. While your individual unit may be slightly different and the view from your windows will be unique, we can guarantee your apartment will be clean and ready for your arrival home at move-in.