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Vacating Your Apartment

All residents are required to provide 90 days’ notice to terminate their lease before the end of the lease term. The lease term for Eagle Heights and University Houses ends on June 30. The lease term for Harvey Street Apartments ends on May 31. 

 90 days is calculated from the date a completed lease termination request is received by the Leasing Office. The signature (s) of the leaseholder(s) are required for the lease termination request to be completed. 

 You are required to pay rent for 90 days from the date you submit your lease termination request, even if you move out before the 90 days. This is one of the terms and conditions of your lease. This means you may pay for more days than you reside in your apartment. This occurs when someone needs to move out without providing the full 90 days’ notice. 

 The termination date is the date you must vacate your apartment. We use the date that you provided us to plan the cleaning and maintenance in your apartment as well as schedule the new availability date for the apartment. This is the reason you are expected to leave on the termination date you provide. If your apartment is leased to a new resident and you do not vacate the apartment as indicated, it will affect our ability to provide housing for the incoming resident. Any additional costs to Housing that result from your failure to vacate on the termination date indicated could be charged to you.  

 The rent obligation date is separate from the termination date you provide. You must move out on or before your termination date, even if your rent obligation date is later. If you do not vacate the apartment by the lease termination date that you provided on the lease termination request, you could be liable for financial damages. This may include at least twice the rental value of the leased premises, apportioned on a daily basis for the time you remain in the apartment past the lease termination date. 

 ALL requests to change or cancel a lease termination request must be submitted in writing or emailed to the Leasing Office. 

 Written confirmation of your lease termination and move-out information will be sent to you by the Leasing Office within ten business days of receipt of your lease termination request.