University of Wisconsin–Madison


  • Checklist

    Before signing a Housing contract, please make sure you can answer “yes” to all of the following items:

    1. I have read about the University Residence Halls, including the terms and conditions.
    2. I have considered my finances and read the rate information.
    3. I understand that I will need to select and am financially responsible for a dining plan.
    4. If I have dietary concerns, I have called 1-800-438-5680 to talk with a registered dietitian to be sure my dietary needs can be met.
    5. I understand that only University Residence Halls are owned and operated by UW-Madison and are different and separate from off-campus privately-owned properties.
    6. I am no longer interested in exploring other housing options in the Madison area.
    7. I read the cancellation policy and understand that I can be released from my contract only if I no longer plan to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
    8. I realize that if I electronically sign my Contract Acceptance Form with a deposit by the due date, I (and my co-signer, if applicable) will have a legally binding agreement subject to the terms and conditions of the contract. If under 18 years old, I represent and warrant that my parent/co-signer has also read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the University Residence Halls contract.
    9. I want to live in University Residence Halls — the choice most new UW-Madison students make each year!
  • Deposits

    Deposits/contract fees are a required part of the legal transaction for a University Residence Halls contract. The deposit/contract fee along with a signed contract means that you have entered into a legally binding agreement with the Division of University Housing.

    University Residence Halls contract deposits/fees are a separate and different payment than the Admissions enrollment deposit.

    Academic Year 2018-19

    Freshmen & Transfers

    Contracts for Academic Year 2018-19 will require a $50 non-refundable contract fee in addition to a $250 deposit that is paid when the contract is signed. Review the cancellation policy in our 2018-19 contract that specifies what must be met to qualify for a cancellation and details of the forfeiture schedule, if applicable. Your fourth quarter bill will be reduced by the deposit you have made.

    Returning Residents & Current UW-Madison Students

    Contracts for Academic year 2018-19 will require a $300 deposit. Current UW-Madison students who have previously lived with University Housing are not subject to the $50 non-refundable contract fee. Review the cancellation policy in our 2018-19 contract that specifies what must be met to qualify for a cancellation and details of the forfeiture schedule, if applicable. Your fourth quarter bill will be reduced by the deposit you have made.

  • Cancellations & Buyouts

    Academic Year 2018-19

    The terms and conditions listed under Sections 15, 16, and 17 in your contract fully explain the cancellation policy for University Residence Halls contracts. Here are a few highlights:

    • If you are a new student not attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you can be released from your University Residence Halls contract. To cancel, please log in to your My UW Housing portal and click on the button located on the left hand side that states, “I am no longer attending.” Notification by May 1 ensures a full refund of your housing deposit.
    • If you are a current student withdrawing or no longer attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you can be released from your University Residence Hall contract. Please contact the Assignment Office at or 608-262-2522
    • Contract releases to live off campus while attending UW-Madison are only considered when demand for housing exceeds occupancy. As always, you have an option of a buy-out of your contract at 85% of the remaining financial obligation of the annual double room rate.
    • If you would like to be considered for an off-campus release for Academic Year 2018-19, please complete a release request.
  • ADA/Medical Needs

    If you have a disability that may require special housing considerations, please submit a written description of your needs to the Assignment Office at when you are completing your contract for the University Residence Halls in My UW Housing.

    You will also need to work with the McBurney Disability Resource Center regarding your University Housing accommodation needs.  We encourage you to learn more about becoming a McBurney Client. Please note, the Assignment Office does not collect or maintain medical documentation. Those materials should be sent to the McBurney Disability Resource Center.

    Many of our residence halls are accessible to students with physical disabilities. Be sure to notify us if you need accommodations such as wheelchair accessible facilities, devices/alarms for hearing impairments, or special dietary needs. Early notification and complete information about your needs allows us to best assist you.

  • Health/Immunization Form

    Wisconsin law [SS 36.25 (46)] requires students who live in a University Residence Hall to affirm whether they have received vaccination against meningococcal disease and hepatitis B, and to provide the dates of vaccination if any. The University Health Services has a health record form for students to complete which is confidential and will be retained by University Health Services.

  • Air Conditioners

    Residents with a confirmed medical need may request an air conditioner for their residence hall room at an additional charge. Students need to complete the following steps:

    1. Complete the Air Conditioner Agreement Form.
    2. Chadbourne, Dejope, Leopold, Merit, Ogg, Phillips, and Smith Residence Halls have central air conditioning, and Sellery and Witte Residence Halls have air conditioning units installed in all resident rooms, so no Air Conditioner Agreement Form is needed for residents living in these halls.
    3. Send the completed form to our office at least two weeks prior to the residence halls opening; please do not send any medical documentation with this form.
    4. Charges will appear on a student’s second quarter bill – do not send payment with your agreement form.
  • Gender Identity

    Choosing a place to live is a very important decision, and our staff at the University of Wisconsin–Madison are committed to assisting you to see if the University Residence Halls will work for you. University Housing acknowledges that not all students may identify as female or male, and we want to create a welcoming environment for you in the residence halls. We would be happy to work with students who may identify as trans*gender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and/or non-binary regarding life in the halls.

    Differently gendered and transgender students are encouraged to contact us as you consider your housing decision or if you would like to discuss any questions or issues related to your gender identity. Be sure to call prior to your contract deadline to discuss your options.

    Director of Diversity Programs – Cleda Wang

    LGBT Campus Center

    You may also want to consider our Open House: Gender Learning Community or the Multicultural Learning Community.

  • Student Veterans

    University Housing is committed to serving the housing needs of our student veterans.

    If you are considering University Residence Hall housing and would like to be placed together with other veterans, transfer students, or non first-year students, please contact one of our Coordinators for Assignments & Student Services at 608-262-2522 and we will talk with you about your on-campus housing needs.

    Additional support is also available through the UW-Madison offices of the Dean of Students:

    Assistant Dean of Students-Veterans
    608-890-2701 (voice)
    608-265-5646 (fax)