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Student Staff and Career Staff Support

A variety of residence hall staff members, both Student Staff and Career Staff, work with residents to shape the communities and provide support. University Housing staff are on-site to help, whether you need academic advice, help organizing an event, repairs to your room, or just someone to talk to. We encourage you to seek out staff in your community and get to know them.

Student Staff

House Fellows

House Fellows are student staff members with whom residents have the most frequent contact. Each House Fellow lives within the community they oversee. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Helping residents plan activities and programs to build connections among residents
  • Being available and visible to residents
  • Acting as a resource and providing information to residents
  • Helping residents solve problems or referring residents to a variety of University agencies in order to help solve problems or answer questions
  • Enforcing University and Housing policies
  • Helping with administrative tasks


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Residence Life Team Assistant

Residence Life Team Assistants are student staff who provide direct support to the hall staff within a community assisting with key aspects of our programming. community building, and administration within our halls.

Center for Cultural Enrichment Program Assistants

The Center for Cultural Enrichment Program Assistants (CCEPAs)  are student staff who develop programs, resources, and guides focused on diversity & inclusion efforts through our Center for Cultural Enrichment.

Student Engagement and Advocacy Team

We are continuously looking at ways to improve student engagement and have a student staff team committed to providing experiences for our students.

Late Night Coordinators assist in the planning and implementation of our Wisconsin Welcome events and our weekend Late Night programming.

University Housing Advisory Board students actively live in the community and engage in feedback and discussion with residents.  These students represent each residence in monthly meetings with University Housing professional staff.


We offer tutoring in a number of our residential communities staffed by students who have taken the courses. They are a great resource to help the overall success in a class.

Learning Community and Affinity Communities Support Staff

A number of our Learning Communities and Affinity Communities offer additional student staff to support their efforts around their mission. These may include (but are not limited to) Learning Community Program Assistants, Peer Mentors, Language Coordinators for our International Learning Community.  These staff provide unique services to help the overall success of that community including seminar assistance, language support and other experiences a specific learning community may need. 

Desk Supervisors

Desk supervisors are Residence Life partners who are housed in Residential Operations.  These student staff oversee the daily operations of a specific residence hall desk including the supervision of our desk staff.

Desk Assistants

The Desk Assistant are Residence Life partners who are housed in Residential Operations..  These student staff assists the community development of the residence halls by providing excellent customer service at the residence hall front desk.

Career Staff

Residence Life Coordinators

The Residence Life Coordinators are full-time live-in career staff members who are responsible for each hall. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Supervising the House Fellow staff in the hall
  • Helping to create inclusive communities that promote student involvement and academic success
  • Helping students to connect with each other and to get involved in residence hall and campus activities
  • Advising students who plan activities and programs
  • Serve in the role as an educator through our Wisconsin Residential Experience
  • Administering the Housing and University disciplinary processes
  • Balancing the needs and rights of individuals with the rights and needs of the community
  • Assisting residents who are having academic, emotional, or interpersonal problems
  • Incorporating campus academic programs and services into the hall
  • Acting as a liaison to the hall with facilities, food service, desk staffs, student affairs, advising, and other campus offices

To see who oversees any specific Residence Hall please visit the Hall Page and scroll to the bottom to view staff. 

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Coordinator - Student Conduct and Assistance

The Student Coordinator Coordinator and Residence Life Assistance Coordinator are full-time career staff that are responsible for the coordination, development, and implementation of the student conduct process within the residential community.  They also oversee the response to mental health issues and collaborate with campus partners in alcohol and drug education and prevention efforts. 

Coordinator - Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator is a full-time career staff member responsible for the coordination, development, and implementation of the department’s inclusion efforts related to our programming and resources offered through our Center for Cultural Enrichment including supervision of the team that is housed within that office.

Special Projects Coordinator

The Special Project Coordinators are full-time career staff who assist with coordination and implementation of projects in various department areas including Isolation/Quarantine Housing, Conduct, Residence Assistance and Student Engagement,

Program Manager

The Program Managers are Learning Community staff who collaborate with faculty, students, and staff to assist in the development, implementation, coordination, and administration of their designated Learning Community to serve all residents. These professional staff members serve in a dual role with their academic departments and University Housing (hiring may be done through their academic departments or Residence Life while a majority of their work is within the residence halls spaces that houses their learning community).

Graduate Student Staff

We have a number of graduate professional staff in our department who assist in a variety of functional areas.

Assistant Residence Life Coordinator (ARLC): These are graduate students who supervise and assist in managing the daily operations along side a Residence Life Coordinator.

Student Engagement Advisor (SEA): This position advises the programmatic experiences within our Wisconsin Late Night programs and our University Housing Advisory Board including the supervision of the staff.

CCE Supervisor: The supervisor oversees the daily operations of the Center for Cultural Enrichment  including the supervision of the programming staff.

Program Assessment and Evaluation Analyst (PAEA): This position works within our department to support evaluation and assessment work for programming, staff, and operational needs.

Leadership Team

A number of full-time career staff make up our Leadership Team.  These include:

Director of Residence Life provides direction for Residence Life and sets the tone for the year. The Director oversees all policy creation and implementation, staffing needs, and operational goals of the department.

Associate Directors provide supervision of Assistant Directors and oversight of one of functional areas within Residence Life  while also serving as the liaison to many of our campus partners. 

Assistant Directors provide supervision of  Residence Life Coordinators or Program Coordinators while also serving as the liaison to many of our campus partners.  Assistant Directors also assist in functional areas including: Academics, Assessment, Student Engagement and Advocacy, Professional Staff/Student Staff Recruitment, Training and Development. 

Coordinator - Desk Services

The Desk Services Coordinators are Residence Life partners who are housed in Residential Operations.  These full-time career staff are responsible for the coordination, supervision, and customer service of desk services for our residence halls including supervision of the student desk supervisors.

Facilities Team

We recognize our work would not be possible without the amazing support of our facilities team. This group of people provide customer service by ensuring our communities meet a high standard of cleanliness, general maintenance, and repairs.

A few of the key Facilities staff that one might work the most with on a daily basis are listed below:

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Building Supervisor

The Building Supervisor is a full-time staff member assigned to a Residence Hall area and is the primary contact for Physical Facilities and custodial related issues in each hall.  The Building Supervisor supervises the full-time custodians and a team of Student Supervisors who work to oversee the student staff custodians.

House Custodian

As a member of each house community, the House Custodian is responsible for cleaning the common areas of each house and hall including bathrooms, dens, lounges, hallways, and stairwells.

In addition to these House Custodians, our student custodial staff work along side these full-time staff to support these efforts. This is a popular position for incoming students as they often live within the community.

Residence Hall Facilities Staff (2nd and 3rd shift)

Second and third shift full-time staff perform general cleaning tasks, make minor mechanical repairs, and perform limited rounds and report unsafe conditions to University Police or other Housing staff. The second shift (3:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.) and third shift (11:00 p.m.-7:00 a.m.) staff can be contacted through a House Fellow or the hall desk.

Building Mechanic

This full-time staff members is a dedicated individual assigned to a specific community of a building or grouping of building and actively ensures the upkeep and maintenance of our facilities. The best way to make contact with these individuals is through our online maintenance request system. 

Staff Performance Compliments or Concerns

If you have any positive feedback or concerns you would like to share regarding a staff member, please contact us at reslife@housing.wisc.edu

You can go to any Residence Hall or Learning Community page and find staff information located at the bottom of the page or at the designated staff link on that page.

If you have any questions about graduate or full-time staff recruitment, please contact us at reslife@housing.wisc.edu.