Matt Kulju holds a WiGrow conversation with a student ambassador.


Why is it important?

Working is an important part of the Wisconsin Experience. Our student employees often tell us that their work with University Housing is an important part of their time on campus, through which they learn skills such as time management and teamwork. Regardless of the job, student employees are learning and acquiring valuable skills that future employers are looking for. WiGrow helps students recognize and take full advantage of these skills.

I have learned how to communicate with people which will be useful in all aspects of my life and career

Student in WiGrow Program

WiGrow Resources

These articles and websites serve as resources to help students and supervisors identify experiences and skills they are learning in their employment today that could translate into career success in the future. These resources are used as conversation starters and can help frame the WiGrow discussions around self-reflection and building transferrable skills.

UW Madison WiGrow Website

2015-2016 Performance Metrics

Percentage of Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration (VCFA) student employees who receive an initial WiGrow conversation within 45 days of hire:

  • 2014-15 Results: 97% Fall; 88% Spring
  • 2015-16 Goal: 100%

Percentage of student employees indicating moderate or strong agreement to the statements:

  • “My supervisor helps me make connection between my current work and my academic pursuits.”
    • 2013-14 Results: WiGrow- 52.6%; Non-WiGrow 44.66%
    • 2014-15 Results: 66%
    • 2015-16 Goal: 75%
  • “My supervisor helps me see connections between skills gained/used in my current work that are transferable to a future occupation.”
    • 2013-14 Results: WiGrow 68.2%; Non-WiGrow 61.74%
    • 2014-15 Results: 75%
    • 2015-16 Goal: 75%


2014-15 WiGrow Report