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Outdoor Recreation & Community Gardens

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Play Areas

Swings and sandboxes are located throughout Eagle Heights and University Houses. In addition, there is a wooden climbing area beside building 306 in Eagle Heights, a fenced-in young child playground at the Community Center, a recreational area behind the “Brown Bus Shelter”, and play structures centrally located in University Houses. Other playground structures include small climbing structures in the 100s, 200s, and 500s, a “fire engine” in the 900s next to a four square and funnel-ball court (good for older children), and a large climbing structure in the 800s.

Outdoor Grills

Residents must follow these safety guidelines when you are using grills:

  • Grills can’t be used indoors, underneath an overhang, or on a fire rescue balcony.
  • Grills must be placed 10 feet away from the building.
  • Hot grills must be attended to at all times. Keep in mind that the grill is still hot even after you remove your food and extinguish the coals.
  • Madison fire codes state that propane tanks must be kept outdoors at all times.

Grounds Care

The University Apartments Facilities Office is responsible for the upkeep of the grounds. This includes lawn mowing in the summer and snow removal from the sidewalks and roads during the winter. Residents are responsible for shoveling the area in front of their apartment door and their own parking spot.

Water Retention Areas

University Apartments is part of the comprehensive west campus stormwater management project to reduce sediment and pollutants that flow into Lake Mendota. Two small rain garden areas were created in University Houses – west of the buildings between the apartments and the University Houses gardens. two larger bio-retention basins are found in Eagle Heights – one open behind 301 and 302 and the other between the 500s and the 600s. These areas bring beautiful and rich habitats for birds butterflies, insects, and other small woodland creatures. They are constructed to not hold water longer than 24 hours even after a large rain. Please enjoy these areas, but do not wander through them.

Feeding Birds & Wild Animals

Bird feeders may be hung from windows with suction cups, or from trees if the bottom of the feeder is over seven feet from the ground. For your safety and for the safety of others, DO NOT feed raccoons, squirrels, possums, turkeys, or other wild animals.