Loftable furniture is pictured in a Kronshage Residence Hall room


Please see your University Residence Halls contract and the Community Expectations for complete rules and regulations pertaining to what you are allowed to have in your room.

University Housing Provides for Each Resident:

  • Bed
  • Mattress
  • Desk
  • Desk Chair
  • Bookcase, hutch, or wardrobe
  • Dresser (in Dejope, Leopold, Ogg, and Smith, instead of a dresser, shelves are built into the walk-in closet)

University Housing Provides in Every Room:

  • Compact refrigerator (3.1 cubic ft.)
    • Note: in triples and quads, two refrigerators are provided in rooms
  • Window coverings
  • Closets or wardrobes
  • Wastebasket
  • Recycling bin
  • Cable TV service, WiFi, and ethernet connection
  • Mirror

Approved Appliances*

  • Microwave
  • Rice cooker
  • Coffee pot
  • Keurig coffee pot
  • Clothing iron
  • Air popcorn popper
  • Blender
  • Personal blender/juicer
  • Hot water boiler/electric kettle
  • Hairstyling tools
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Humidifier
  • Dehumidifier
  • Clothing steamer

Appliances That are Not Allowed*

Please discourage high school graduation gifts of cooking appliances other than a microwave. Extensive food preparation is not allowed in resident rooms for sanitation and fire safety reasons. These restrictions are strictly enforced for the protection of all our residents. The University Residence Halls do not allow:

  • Electric grills (i.e. George Foreman, waffle iron, griddle, pizzazz pizza oven, panini maker, quesadilla maker, etc.)
  • Pizza cooker
  • Toaster oven
  • Toaster
  • Hot plate
  • All-in-one breakfast maker
  • Instantpot/crockpot/slow cooker/pressure cooker
  • Air fryer
  • Hoverboard
  • Halogen lamp
  • Air-conditioning unit
  • Space heater
  • Electric fireplace
  • Portable electric dryer
  • Electric wax melt

*Lists are not exhaustive

Items You May Wish to Bring

In addition to the furnishings provided by University Housing, we encourage you to bring your own belongings to personalize your room. We encourage you to talk with your roommate during the summer and avoid duplication of large items and electronics.


  • Students must bring their own bed sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, and mattress pads
  • Mattress sizes are all either 33″ x 80″ or 36″ x 80″
  • “Twin XL” sheets fit all beds
  • Regular twin sheets with extra deep corners or jersey sheets (t-shirt material) also fit all beds

The University has partnered with Our Campus Marketing to provide a convenient program offering brand new, high-quality, custom sheets for sale that are guaranteed to fit our beds. Value Paks, bathroom essentials, room décor, and more are also available. International students have different delivery options through a unique international linen orders site for their convenience.

Additional Items

Before you move to campus, we recommend that you make a list of your valuable possessions and leave the list at home with your family for reference in case of loss or damage. You should also label these items with your name or initials.

  • Computer
  • Smart television
  • Carpet or area rug (see your hall’s room layout for details)
  • Cell phone (phones and landline phone service are not provided)
  • Earphones
  • Alarm clock
  • Locker lock for lockable drawer
  • Microwave
  • Pillows/pillowcases
  • Plastic food storage containers

Click here for a full checklist of items to consider bringing.

Will a futon or couch fit in my room?

One futon or loveseat will fit in many rooms in the University Residence Halls. At least one bed will need to be lofted. If you and/or your roommate are uncomfortable having your bed in an elevated position, you will not have space in your room for a futon or loveseat.

As with all of our loft furniture, your individual setup, as well as the size and shape of your room, will determine what size furniture will fit. Below are general guidelines:

  • Most rooms in Sellery and Waters Halls have building block style lofts where your desk, dresser, hutch, and bookcase become part of the lofting unit in the most popular setup — your loft setup will determine your available width, however, a 56″ wide futon/loveseat will fit underneath a lofted bed with most setups using this furniture
  • All other residence hall rooms have traditional-style lofts that will accommodate futons/loveseats up to 79″ wide placed underneath a lofted bed
  • Some single rooms in Davis cannot accommodate a small futon or loveseat unless the bed is lofted

What size carpet should I bring? What size lockable drawer will I have?

The answer to these questions and more is available on each residence hall page under “Dimensions”.

Vacuums and Cleaning Supplies

University Housing provides vacuums for resident use. Vacuums are usually checked out at the desk or from House Fellows, and there may be limits on the times they are available. Be prepared to have your Wiscard (the official UW-Madison student ID) scanned when you check out a vacuum.

In addition, cleaning supplies including brooms, mops, rags, dustpans, and buckets are provided on each floor for your use. Our staff maintains common areas but students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms, including rooms with private bathrooms.