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University Apartments Assembly (UAA)

University Apartments Grant Application

Each year, the University Apartments Assembly receives a portion of the usage fees from the community center. This money is available in October and March for resident-directed projects and purchases that directly benefit the community. Any University Apartments resident is welcome to submit a grant application and return it to the community center office. Past grants have funded the purchase of park benches near playgrounds, bike helmets for children, community center play equipment, entertainment sponsorship, and much more.

Grant Application Timeline

  • Submit a finished grant application.
  • Make sure you retain a copy of your application.
  • Assembly Board will meet to discuss grant proposals following the submission deadline.
  • Applicants will be notified of the status of their grant proposal as per the Assembly Board’s decision.
  • Recipients will be directed as to how to proceed with their proposal.
  • Grant recipients will be announced at the University Apartments Assembly Meeting after acceptance by the Assembly Board.

Fill Out the Grant Application Form

UAA Officers

Efrén Álvarez Salvado

Position title: Vice Chair of Programming and Services

Robert Ladwig

Position title: Chair Elect

Kamila Mizerska

Position title: Vice Chair of Communications

Oluwademilade (Demi) Oloyede

Position title: Vice Chair of Grants

Be a Part of UAA

University Apartments Assembly (UAA) is the official resident voice for residents in the Eagle Heights, Harvey Street, and University Houses neighborhoods. Learn more about resident officer positions (not just limited to student residents!) and how you can apply!

Email us to Apply for a UAA Position

Download our UAA Position Flyer

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Chair (est. 5 hrs/wk)

  • Official spokesperson for UAA
  • Facilitate and run regular board meetings throughout the year to assist in planning and implementation of UAA
  • Regularly meeting with Assistant Director of Resident Support Services
  • 2-year commitment; ideally serving 1st year as Chair Elect and 2nd year as Chair

Chair Elect (est. 5 hrs/wk)

  • Serves as back-up to Chair
  • Publicly adhere to and abide by the statement of purpose of UAA
  • 2-year commitment; serving 1st year as Chair Elect and 2nd year as Chair

Treasurer (est. 2-3 hrs/wk)

  • Manages UAA monies
  • Provides regular budgetary updates at board meetings
  • Shares past and future budgetary updates to University Apartment residents at bi-monthly UAA meetings and/or newsletter
  • Minimum 1-year commitment

Vice Chair of Communications (est. 2-3 hrs/wk)

  • Records minutes at all board and general UAA meetings
  • Creates marketing material for programming, general UAA meeting
  • Maintains the UAA Facebook page

Vice Chair of Programming & Services (est. 3 hrs/wk)

  • Responsible for coordinating and implementing events and programs that meet the needs of residents in University Apartments
  • Coordinate volunteers to help at community events
  • Work with Assistant Director of Resident Support Services to purchase supplies
  • Minimum 1-year commitment

Vice Chair of Grants (est. 2-3 hrs/wk)

  • Responsible for coordinating and processing of grant applications
  • Uses bi-monthly UAA meetings and newsletter to share application process and how grant monies are being awarded
  • Minimum 1-year commitment

Vice Chair of Newsletter (est. 2-3 hrs/wk)

  • Responsible for gathering content (articles, upcoming meetings/events, etc.) to publish in University Apartments newsletter
  • All content is due the 15th of each month to be published in next the month’s newsletter
  • Minimum 1-year commitment

Technê Skillshare

UAA Techne Skillshare participants

Technê is a skillshare meetup, initiated by the UW-Madison University Apartments Assembly, where people gather and share their skills. It is an open gathering of people who simply want to share what they know how to do with each other. Skills can be anything from math and sciences to arts and crafts. Technê is simply about learning new things and being together.

Skillshare meetups are therefore open for the exchange of particular knowledge or skills while hanging out. This could include, but is not limited to, conversations and debates on specific subjects, presentations, reading groups, and film screenings.

What is Technê?

Technê, as in the root of the word “technology”, is the Ancient Greek word usually translated as “craft” or “art”. However, its original meaning encompassed both theoretical knowledge and application of that knowledge, and this is how we understand these meetups.


Gatherings are at the University Apartments Eagle Heights Community Center (611 Eagle Heights) during the spring and fall semesters. The schedule during summer and winter breaks will be defined later.



There are no upcoming events.