Vehicle headlights streak past Sellery Residence Hall at dusk

Sellery Residence Hall

Communities in Sellery


(One floor of Sellery Residence Hall)
Dream big and put your ideas into action through innovative thinking, analysis, teamwork, planning, and harnessing resources in a creative community of doers and makers.

Two students sort rubber bands while scouring through old office supplies for the 100-Hour Challenge in the Start Up Learning Community

The Studio

(One floor of Sellery Residence Hall)
Create, innovate, and bring your imagination to life by exploring the creative process among fellow artists, dancers, musicians, actors, directors, engineers, computer scientists, and designers.

Two students find supplies for creating stained glass art in The Studio Learning Community

*Typical room dimensions shown. Rooms vary slightly.

Sellery Professional Staff

Kelly Beall

Residence Life Coordinator

Beth Miller

Area Coordinator

Kate Young

Residence Life Coordinator