Exterior of Ogg Hall.

Ogg Residence Hall

Communities in Ogg

Business Connect

(One floor of Ogg Residence Hall)
Live among fellow first-year direct admits to the School of Business, sharing similar interests and classes in a supportive environment.

The rising sun shines on Grainger Hall, home to the Wisconsin School of Business

The Studio

(One floor of Ogg Residence Hall)
Create, innovate, and bring your imagination to life by exploring the creative process among fellow artists, dancers, musicians, actors, directors, engineers, computer scientists, and designers.

Two students find supplies for creating stained glass art in The Studio Learning Community

*Typical room dimensions shown. Rooms vary slightly.


The rates listed below are per resident and reflect the projected annual room & board rates in Ogg Residence Hall for a new student for the 2021-22 academic year. For a full listing of residence hall rates and what is included, visit our Billing & Rates page.

2021-22 Rates - New Residents

Ogg Professional Staff

Madeline Carroll

Position title: Assistant Residence Life Coordinator

Barb Haggerty

Position title: Residence Life Coordinator

Cleda Wang

Position title: Assistant Director of Residence Life